Ride, leave some leisure for yourself to taste life slowly!

As a busy urbanite, we will shuttle through the chaos of the world every day.

I’m afraid everyone has lost the original sweetness and the right to dream.

Italy, a country that can produce farads, was the first initiator of promoting slow-paced life; France – the first country in the world to master nuclear technology, but the world’s highest level cycling race is carried out on the vast roads of this country.

Riding, perhaps not many people understand the enjoyment that this sport brings to people.

Whether it is a slow walk or a rapid advance, each has its own charm – just imagine, when we ride on a bicycle, our surroundings are really an out and out country.

At that time, we ride slowly, walk slowly, and become addicted to country roads, golden wheat fields, and never want to return to the busy city, What a feeling it is to quietly enjoy all that belongs to you.

Similarly, let our thoughts cycle to the smooth road, and the hot sun shines directly on our eyes.

We are ready and ready to sprint with all our strength.

Finally, the last five kilometers, but when we see that none of our clothes is clean, we all get off our cars and laugh at each other.

This is not a wonderful race, It’s just an exchange between friends.

Nevertheless, we all showed our skills, because we all took it seriously.

After a busy week, only at this time can we put down all our burdens, take this as a means of venting, make all preparations, and face the next difficulties.

It is for this reason that I have been playing this sport.

Every time I go out to ride, I always see something, laughter, sadness, good and evil in the world.

Everything will be reflected in my head more or less,.

This sport has brought me a lot of unforgettable and indelible marks – I saw a bloody scene in the third center of Tianjin where a man was hit by a speeding bicycle because of running a red light.

It was very shocking.

I have also seen people with back pockets and young people chatting together.

Of course, this is also a relatively dangerous thing, but in general, there are times in our lives when there is no danger? Many people say that we should learn to taste life, and how can we understand life? First of all, we should slow down our pace, split everything in life into fragments, read carefully, and taste it slowly.

Then we will read the tedium of life, read the taste of life, and let us understand that life is always our own.

Leave some time for us to relax, some leisure, and some taste.

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