Ride Hanzhong Dahan mountain and find a new “play point”!

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On the first day of the new year, ride the high mountain on New Year’s day, good luck wufumen, Kangtai and safe Dahan mountain – located at the north foot of Daba Mountain and south of Han River, with tall, magnificent, beautiful scenery and lush vegetation.

Standing on the top of Han mountain, you can have a bird’s-eye view of Hanzhong Basin.

According to historical records; At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, more than 3000 years ago, Duke Zhou led all the princes of ancient Liangzhou and the monarch of ancient Baoguo to climb the Han mountain on New Year’s day to pray for blessings and worship heaven and earth at the top of the Han mountain.

He wished good weather, bumper grain and peace for the country and the people in the coming year…

Since then, the Han mountain and Han water are famous all over the world and famous in Kyushu.

Eight hundred years later, Liu Bang, king of the Han Dynasty, became a general here and built plank roads in the open and crossed the Chencang in the dark, laying the foundation of the Han family for four hundred years.

Therefore, later people said: first there was Han mountain and Han River, then there was Han king, Han Dynasty, Han people, Han, Chinese, Chinese characters and Han culture.

Therefore, people say that Hanshan mountain is the father mountain of Hanzhong, Hanshui is the mother river of Hanzhong, and Hanzhong is the hometown of Han people! On January 1, 2022, the early morning of new year’s day.

The red sun rises in the East, the sun is bright, the sky is blue and white clouds, and the wind is sunny.

More than 30 riders from the sunset red riding alliance of the Han self association met to ride on the good luck stone and wufumen of Dahan mountain, the first ride in the new year and pray for the blessing of Dahan mountain.

Although the weather is very good today, on the morning of the ninth cold winter, the temperature on the mountain is about minus 2 degrees, which is still relatively cold, especially the hands, feet and ears.

Riders are not afraid of the cold and strive to move forward! Women don’t let men come to the good luck stone square in Hanshan mountain for a photo.

Hanshan mountain prays for good luck.

May the epidemic be eliminated early this year, everyone have good luck in the new year, and the country is peaceful and the people are safe! Riding friends in their seventies.

The newly-built “amazing good luck bridge step by step”.

Since ancient times, heroes come from youth, but now old age is also heroes! Although the weather is cold, they are already steaming up and down when they go up the mountain.

Look at these two riding friends Luo Yanliang and let us go.

Although they are already past their 60s, they also insist on swimming and exercise all year round in addition to riding.

Look at their good health 👍🏻, I don’t know.

Just looking at the photos, I thought it was summer! A bird’s-eye view of the Hanzhong plain shows Chu Tianshu! Move towards Wufu gate.

Group photo of wufumen square.

Pray for five blessings on New Year’s day.

Five blessings come to the door and bring peace.

Five blessings: longevity, wealth, Corning, virtue and filial piety.

On New Year’s day, I will climb the mountain and pray for five blessings.

Good luck! Look at the vigorous skill of the old pan rider.

Who would have thought that he was in his seventies? It’s time to go down the mountain through Wufu gate! Today is a good day, good weather, good place, good mood and happy New Year! On New Year’s day, we climb high, pray for blessings, express our feelings, have good luck, and five blessings come to the door.

Riding friends are very happy, because they have spent a very meaningful new year’s day, a very unforgettable first ride in the New Year! This is; Recalling the ancients, Zhou Gong’s day and new year’s day, Han mountain climbed to pray for blessings; May the coming year bring good weather, bumper harvests, people’s happiness and national peace! Look at the present, sunset red new year, Han mountain climbing to express his feelings; I hope the epidemic will be eliminated early next year, the people will be in good health, five blessings will come, and good luck will continue! Contributing author: Meipian @ Guangyu real person click the small program above to immediately rush to buy the selected water level in previous periods ~ the “Millennium ancient river bed” of Hanjiang River in Hanzhong is back in sight! Hanzhong “limited quantity” high-quality garden house 3×99 yuan / ㎡ from sale! Open your eyes ~ explore Hanzhong Xiaonanhai Tianxing cave! Business cooperation: 17709160920 tourism consultation: 15319310132 submission email: Auld langsyne@163.com click.