Ride Hainan D12: rest in Haikou

Hainan cycling team, car rental and accommodation add wechat cycling Hainan D12: Haikou took a rest on January 1, 2022.

It was cloudy.

Today is the day for mango to go home.

Based on the principle of sleeping until you wake up naturally, it was 11 o’clock accidentally.

The original plan was to ride into the City, so we had to stop and pack up and go out to find food.

Go to the 57 roundabout service station to find out what delicious food there is in this town.

The king said no.

he asked us if we had fried rice.

There was a lot of steamed rice left last night.

We can eat fried rice.

Mango and I will eat fried rice as soon as we hear about it.

Last night, we saw the craftsmanship of kingship.

It’s very good.

Fried rice with laver egg soup, we had a perfect meal.

After dinner, mango goes back to the inn to pack up.

There is a free shuttle in 57 inn.

Just say a good time to the inn owner in advance.

Mango is a 5:30 p.m.


We go out after 3 o’clock.

Now, during the epidemic, I can only take her to the entrance of the airport.

Mango has gone home.

I’ll pack up my luggage.

I’ll start riding the west line tomorrow.

I’ll pack and send back the extra things.

I’ll start off light by myself.

A person’s meal, only eat a plate of fried noodles 😟, I have to ride again tomorrow and rest early…