Ride for 71 days! The post-90s father took his 4-year-old daughter to Lhasa. How did the non mediocre baby develop

Being a mother is a little crooked.

Parenting is very good! (text | waima) everyone has different ideas about educating children, but most people expect their children to live a safe and smooth life.

Therefore, they are gentle and comprehensive in educating children, but in the world, some people are unique and have different ideas about raising children.

Some time ago, such a father and daughter attracted everyone’s attention on the Internet.

His father is a single parent father named a PO.

He took his 4-year-old daughter and rode his bike all the way from Dongguan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces.

He rode a total of 4139 kilometers and took 71 days.

He arrived in Lhasa on June 12.

As a Kobe Bryant fan, he has a deep understanding of the impact of sudden accidents on life, so he has always firmly believed that people should live in the present and pay attention to the present! In addition, during the epidemic period, his business was greatly affected and it was basically difficult to operate.

Seeing so many lives disappear because of the epidemic in the news every day, he had a great psychological crisis.

He was afraid that one day an accident would arrive earlier than tomorrow, but he still had unfinished wishes, especially his daughter, which always worried him, So he hopes to accompany his daughter in other ways.

Even if he is gone, he can have an impact on his daughter.

What ah Tao did was to convey an idea to her daughter within her ability, which can replace her to accompany her all her life.

As soon as this idea came out, he caught up with his daughter’s 4th Birthday, so ah Po made up his mind to give her a different birthday.

He hoped that her daughter’s birthday would be more meaningful in this special year.

Only then did he have a 71 day journey between father and daughter.

For this trip, netizens also have their own opinions, some admire and some accuse, but in any case, the spirit conveyed by ah Tao and her daughter to people is still very touching, and in the videos and photos they took, we can also see that his daughter is very happy and happy.

Proper risk-taking can better cultivate non mediocre children.

As the saying goes, “it’s better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books”.

Even if children read the contents of books, it’s difficult to empathize.

Many things can be more deeply understood and remembered only after personal experience.

Only in this way can children’s thinking jump out of a small circle, To better think and understand the world, such children may not become dragons and phoenixes in the future, but their lives must have their own brilliance.

Under our national conditions, most families are only children.

Parents are afraid of holding their children in the palm of their hands and bumping them.

Peace is the greatest pursuit.

However, for children, this training method makes them lack of challenge and adventure spirit since childhood.

Their life lacks special significance.

Such upbringing can certainly raise good children, But it’s hard to cultivate non mediocre children.

Therefore, as parents, if they don’t want to raise a good baby with “one thousand people”, then give their children some room for growth, especially give them some special meaningful moments in life, which is of great significance for children to refuse mediocrity and enrich the connotation of life.

Reasonable challenges can make children more determined.

When taking care of children, we always worry about where they hit or encounter, so we carefully protect them around, but we don’t know that this kind of comprehensive and careful care will make children weak in character.

Many times, only when parents learn to let go appropriately and let children meet challenges themselves, can they be more resolute in character and more calm in case of problems.

In the future life, they will also meet difficulties.

Without the help of their parents, they may fly better.

Conclusion of Wai Ma: as parents, it is understandable that people care about their children, but too comprehensive care will only become a rope binding their children’s growth, so that they will never be able to show their true self.

Therefore, for our parents, we should properly take their children to take risks, meet some challenges, and give their lives some special meaning, Maybe it’s more helpful to their growth.

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