Ride China · Wannian ice cave station (two-day camp from August 14 to August 15) ‖ Wannian ice cave + mystery of hanging village + mystery

When I put on my helmet, when I put on my leg cover, when I put on my cycling suit…

Do you know how many mountains and rivers I have ridden in my motherland…

I’m 7 years old, I’m 8 years old, I’m 12 years old…

Ask whose teenager is the most popular, and ask whose teenager is watching the world with a bicycle.

Come on! Who else can Shanxi have besides future civic education? The bicycle greenway selected by the highlight of the highlights of the camp “riding China · Wannian ice cave station” is about 22 kilometers long, starting from the source scenic spot of the Fen River in Luya Mountain and ending at the Wannian ice cave scenic spot of the World Geopark.

The greenway is a bicycle lane paved with red asphalt.

The greenway is located in the scenic area of the Northern Line of Luya Mountain.

Both sides of the greenway are lush and green, and the air is fresh.

Streams and rivers complement the greenway.

It is an excellent place for campers to ride, whether in terms of natural environment, air quality, or road safety.

The support vehicle will follow the teacher to ride the whole journey.

At the same time, it will record every wonderful moment of every camper with the camera (the background of this figure is for reference only, not the riding road of Luya Mountain).

The helmet, riding clothes and riding gloves of the support vehicle for this ride are unified.

The giant mountain bike will ride in the future.

China · Wannian ice cave station commemorative badges are available.

1 World Geopark · Wannian ice cave · Wannian ice cave is the fourth batch of national geoparks, 4A tourist attraction.

Ice caves were formed during the Cenozoic Quaternary glacial period, about 3 million years ago.

No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter outside, the ice in the ice cave is solid all the year round.

Only a few ice caves have been found in places such as Siberia and the north and south poles in the world, and the number is very small.

Therefore, it is worth visiting whether it is of scientific research value or various scenic wonders such as ice hanging, ice cone, ice waterfall, ice bamboo shoots, etc.

2 unsolved mystery: Shimen hanging coffin hanging coffin burial is a burial style unique to some ethnic minorities in southern China.

So far, the only northern hanging coffin group found is in Shimen hanging coffin in Ningwu, Shanxi.

In Ningwu, the hanging coffin burial seems to be called stone burial by the local people.

The existing hanging coffin has a time span from the middle of the Ming Dynasty to the Anti Japanese War of the Republic of China, and the reasons are still various guesses.

Shimen hanging coffin is located in xiaoshimen village, Dongzhai Town, Ningwu county.

The wooden coffins hanging on the stone wall are embedded in the cave or exposed outside the stone wall, supported by wooden piles or tied by iron chains.

There are both one coffin hanging alone or two coffins side by side, with different heights from the ground.

From the perspective of education and culture: first, technically speaking, how did ancient workers hang coffins in midair and cliffs without large cranes? Second, from a regional perspective, why did the burial hanging coffin, which is only available to the southern minorities, appear in Ningwu, Shanxi? 3 cliff exploration · hanging village hanging village is located in the depths of Guancen mountain in the northwest of Shanxi Province.

There are three ancient and magical hanging villages: wanghuagou village, Wuhuashan village and caojialiang village, all of which belong to Chenshan Township, Ningwu county.

The three villages are very close to each other and are built between cliffs and cliffs, looking like castles in the air from a distance, so it is named.

The houses in the village are built on 100 meter high cliffs, and the streets are “plank roads” supported by standing trees and paved with logs.

Thinking and exploration: 1.

What kind of people will live in seclusion on the cliff between the mountains, and why build villages on the cliff? 2.

How did the ancients build this village between the cliffs* Xuankong village * about arriving at dadongzhai town in the morning of the first day of the trip, arranging accommodation, distribution of camp clothes and the establishment of a cycling team.

On the first day of the afternoon, the pre trip test ride and the 22km cycling from the source of the Fen River to Wannian ice cave.

On the second day of the morning, the Wannian ice cave, hanging coffin and the mystery of Xuankong village were explored.

On the second day of the afternoon, the badges were issued, medals were received and returned.

About accommodation, this two-day and one night camp was checked in Luyashan international hotel.

The accommodation was a standard room and a fully enclosed environment, Ensure check-in safety.

01 registration notice recruitment object · 7-15-year-old child alone · healthy baby suitable for outdoor activities · height above 123cm, skilled cycling [activity time]: August 14, 2022 – August 15, 2022 [activity cost]: 1080 yuan / person (discount 1 · friend circle forwarding two days after registration, 20 yuan can be refunded; discount 2 · 520vip can be directly reduced by 200 yuan) [cost includes]: transportation bus, catering, accommodation, activity props All project experience, coach and activity organization fees (bicycles, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and cycling clothes are provided by the organizer and recovered after the activity.) [carrying items]: a backpack and a thermos cup (except glass cups and plastic bottles); [registration consultation]: Kunpeng teacher – 13403455587 long press the identification QR code to add wechat consultation [registration entry]: 02 refund instructions: cancel the refund 20 days before departure, 80% 10 days before departure, 50% 5 days before departure.

Please confirm in advance.

There is no reserve for this event.

The final power of interpretation belongs to future civic education.

03 disclaimer all activities organized by future citizens will be adjusted according to the actual situation due to the influence of weather and other factors.

Future citizens will retain the right to interpret this activity, and registration will be deemed as approval.

Before participating in the activities, parents must ensure that their children participate in the activities in a healthy condition.

If they hide and don’t listen to advice, they will bear the consequences.

There are certain risks in outdoor activities.

Please inform your children in advance that they should follow the arrangements of coaches and tutors in the activities.

This declaration will take effect after successful registration.

Why choose our 01 accompanying safety? 1.

Before each activity, the children will be given unified camp clothes and hats, and the teachers who lead the team will wear unified clothes to increase the recognition, so that the children can find the teachers and teammates in time.


The team leader teachers are equipped with walkie talkies to facilitate timely interaction and coordination between teachers.


Provide professional first-aid kit.


Buy professional outdoor insurance for every child.


In the future, all children, whether members or non members, will be treated equally..