Ride along the provocative border between China and Russia to see the autumn scenery of Daxinganling

Tuyuan / Zhao Gaoxiang riding in Hulunbuir ▼ one leaf falls and knows the autumn of the world.

One person loves and knows the birth of all things.

Hulunbuir’s autumn is bursting and burning like a flame.

It is not a fairyland, or a fairy tale is better than a fairy tale.

It is like a boundless golden scroll.

It is a visual feast that surprises the eyes everywhere.

Tuyuan / Zhao Gaoxiang, the golden autumn of Hulunbuir’s explosion is very short, as if you would miss it if you weren’t careful.

However, people who love traveling love to catch up with the autumn wind and indulge in the autumn scenery.

Tuyuan / Cooper space station, however, this time, instead of hiking, we began a new immersive trip, riding the Hulunbuir China Russia border – moman highway, looking for the northernmost autumn in China.

The famous and popular classic cycling route in China.

Which one do you want to ride? Riding into Tibet from national highway 318 is the ultimate dream of many bike lovers.

Traveling around Qinghai Lake is the most classic of many cycling routes, which is deeply loved by everyone.

The romantic sunshine tour around Hainan Island is a paradise for cyclists.

However, you must have had the dream of cycling around the land border of your motherland! Starting from Mohe, the northernmost tip of China, crossing Daxinganling, along the left bank of Erguna River, and reaching Manzhouli through Hulunbuir prairie, the whole journey is about 820 kilometers (about 400-600 kilometers).

Or choose to go all the way north, starting from the metropolis Manzhouli, to the endless golden grassland, then to the big forest cracked by the autumn colored forest, and finally arrive at Mohe village, the northernmost tip of China, enjoy the gorgeous northern border line and experience the magical polar day phenomenon.

Every September, driven by the autumn wind, the endless grassland turns red and yellow, like a painted oil painting.

Photo source / leaf touching dog is a young cow, horse and sheep scattered in the forest by the river.

The harvested forage is bundled into strong bales half human high and scattered on the grassland.

Tuyuan / super invincible rabbit also has a border town full of exotic customs.

With all kinds of lovely Forest Elves, the mountains and fields are stained with mottled colors, just like the world in fairy tales.

Hulunbuir in autumn is so beautiful that it can’t be said.

Tuyuan / Yan Yi / / Daxinganling · birch forest · Larch / / many people think that Hulunbuir has only the most beautiful grassland in China, but they don’t know that Daxinganling is the ode to Hulunbuir’s autumn scenery and the soul of the burning autumn scenery.

Tuyuan / Zhao Gaoxiang Daxinganling, the most eye-catching all year round are the larch and birch forests growing in patches.

It is also said that the birch forest in autumn is the most intoxicating scenery in Daxinganling.

With the gentle sweep of the autumn wind, the fallen leaves dance like butterflies, talking about romance and tenderness.

Photo source / pcollection walking in the birch forest, looking up at the blue sky, clean white trunks and golden leaves, people can’t help but stop and listen to its past quietly It is also said that when the slow train walking on the Daxing’an Mountains breathes heavily and “clangs” in the jungles of the Daxing’an Mountains soaked in autumn, the ancient green car body winds through the mountains and forests, and the steel body walks with plants, birds and animals without disturbing, it seems to travel through time and space// Mordoga / / as the saying goes, “Xishuangbanna in the South and mordoga in the north”.

It is the largest forest park in China and the last primitive forest in the cold temperate zone in China.

Tuyuan / Wang Jiajun every golden autumn, the mountains and fields are saturated with beautiful autumn colors, like wearing colorful Xia clothes, rippling with pungent fragrance, intoxicating and sweet heart.

Riding all the way on the most beautiful autumn highway, the moving golden light will be the most unforgettable Golden Avenue in Hulunbuir.

Tuyuan / photographer suddenly rich / / Aoluguya / / this is the only reindeer town in China, with Ewenki, the last hunting tribe in China.

Tuyuan / song Xinzi here, you can choose to touch the gentle and elegant reindeer like the wind, wander in the forest like clouds, and experience the most ordinary and extraordinary human charm life – cuoluozi.

Tuyuan / Wujiao / / Erguna River · Wetland / / when God created Hulunbuir, he may have deliberately created this Erguna River to give it the most romantic existence on the border between China and Russia.

Photo source / morninglights standing on the high hills with the clouds not rolling and the wind relaxed, the Erguna wetland in your eyes seems to be whispering and singing a song about time alone.

In the story of the Millennium Erguna River, romance is innate.

No matter how the four seasons change, no matter how the scenery changes, the clear river, Golden Forest and meadow are always engraved with a wonder of ten thousand years.

Many people who pass by the town / / often stay in the scenery of Mianyuan, but they don’t pay attention to the scenery of Mianyuan.

Figure source / Zhao Gaoxiang, Shiwei, Heishantou, Mangui, Mohe, Manzhouli Behind these towns, there are countless stories, enviable ordinary life and pleasant scenery, which is another charm of Hulunbuir.

Tuyuan / Liu Zhiru Mangui, a neglected secret town in China, left Hulunbuir and right Mohe, is intoxicating in beauty.

Tuyuan / lanzhoujay / / Manzhouli / / Manzhouli on the border between China and Russia has a beautiful name.

Like Kashgar in Xinjiang, it is the most suitable place to pretend to go abroad.

Tuyuan / He Liang Hulunbuir photographers.

Among all kinds of Russian style buildings, the large dolls on the dolls square are the most amazing.

The pedestrians with blond hair, blue eyes and high nose can be seen everywhere in the street.

They are reminding everywhere that this is a city running out of fairy tales.

Picture source / about guanboundless forest, boundless sea, pine and birch..