Ride alone! Life is a journey

Every day is changing, every day is choosing, every day is looking for, every day is lonely, lost in a daze…

What I really need, what I wait for, what I pursue…

I ride alone in distress, to the depths of mountains, to the jungle, the road is winding, why not life.

Just look for comfort in this mountain forest, and seek happiness in loneliness.

A group of people ride, magnificent and powerful; Riding alone, lonely but introspective.

I like the feeling of being on the road and riding freely.

If there is still a dream, go with your soul! Walking alone on mountain roads, there is often no one for thousands of meters.

The trees on the four sides of the mountain are luxuriant, and they are full of vitality under the spring rain.

The air is full of moisture, sometimes mixed with faint fragrance.

Walking on such a mountain road, you can imagine the beauty of it.

It cannot be repeated in words or copied with a camera.

Only you can enjoy it comprehensively and stereoscopically from your perspective.

Riding alone.

The speed is slow, faster than walking.

You can also do it slowly and think slowly! Some people say that life is a journey.

Meet different people and experience different emotions.

This is too big.

It takes time to understand the philosophy.

But when people really ride on the road, they will really meet different people.

From a few words, they can feel his life, his feelings…

Is this also a kind of speculation and experience of other people’s feelings, life? I like riding alone.

The reasons are probably the following! The greatest advantage of riding a bike by yourself is that you can determine your own riding journey.

If you ride a bike with others, you must consider everyone’s opinions.

Usually everyone has their own ideas, and it is difficult to reach an agreement.

On the way of riding independently, you will definitely encounter some situations more or less.

If you are a person, you must face them.

You can’t escape them.

Over time, you will become self reliant and self reliant.

However, if you have more people, you will have hope and rely on your teammates to help you solve problems.

Quietness is not everyone’s favorite activity.

Quiet cycling and quiet thinking are many people’s preferences and pursuits.

Each person’s riding ability is different, so the riding rhythm is not the same; Everyone likes riding differently, so the riding style is different.

You may want to have a real leisure ride, but the other person always starts to pull the trigger; You may ride and play while the other person is always on the way.

Self introspection A person must learn to introspect, self evaluate, self introspect, self-criticism, self-regulation and self-education, and only one person can calm down and think.

Communication is different from riding a bike in a group of people.

A person riding a bike will know more people and contact more new circles.

Whether you are good at communication or not, there will be people of all kinds on the way.

Why do you like riding alone?..