Ride 900 kilometers with baby! Fuyang’s “treasure parents” are adored!

In the coming summer vacation, Fuyang has such a pair of post-90s “treasure parents”.

They ride an electric car and carry a pair of children.

They immediately set out, passing through more than 10 cities and spanning 900 kilometers, and started an adventurous and happy journey…

Many netizens said after reading it: I admire it! I really admire it! All the way south, they set out with hope from Fuyang to Yingshang and Shouxian…

Deqing and Hangzhou rode all the way south, covering more than 900 kilometers from July 11 to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way Experience the local customs and customs and take children on different holidays…

The post-90s Li shuangyun is a Chinese teacher in the North Campus of Fuyang experimental primary school.

Her husband Wang Chengcheng runs a decoration company.

Her son Doudou is 5 years old and her daughter Guoguo is 3 years old.

Because of the plot in a film and Li shuangyun’s love of riding since childhood, she came up with the idea of taking her children out and traveling while walking, The couple hit it off immediately.

Before the summer vacation came, they began to make a series of preparations: choose the route, try riding, buy things, wait for the summer vacation, choose the good weather…

Everything was ready.

On July 11, a family of four officially embarked on the journey of electric vehicle.

On the first day, they rode more than 160 kilometers and walked from Fucheng to Yingshang, From Yingshang to Shouxian…

“Everything seems very novel to the two children.

Flocks of ducks, cows on the roadside, lawns on the beach, crawling ants…” Li shuangyun said that although the weather is hot, the child’s smile is like spring breeze, summer rain, autumn fruit and winter sun, which makes the couple see the significance of travel and strengthen their confidence in riding.

On July 12, they rode 220 kilometers; July 13, 180 kilometers; On July 14, they rode 160 kilometers, and on July 15, they rode 80 kilometers…

So far, they have ridden more than 900 kilometers.

Along the way, they not only reaped beautiful scenery, but also opened their eyes and learned knowledge in nature.

For life, painted with beautiful colors, riding an electric car and taking children, how to ensure the power of the electric car and the rest of the children? Li shuangyun said that these were already taken into account when planning the trip.

” To this end, they specially chose an electric vehicle with a range of 110 kilometers and can be fully charged in two hours.

“Moreover, at noon every day, they will find a place to rest in the villages and towns along the way and charge the battery car to ensure the afternoon trip.

On the road, the couple will also tell stories to the children, teach them to recite the three character Sutra, and introduce the city to the children in combination with the local history and scenery.

“When we arrived at Leifeng Tower in Hangzhou yesterday, we told the children the legend of Bai Niang and Xu Xian.” along the way, the children not only gained beautiful scenery, but also gained knowledge and insight.

On the way of cycling, they will inevitably encounter some difficulties.

At this time, the couple will let their children communicate with local residents for help.

The two children also marveled all the way: “the mountain is not available in our family, the white crane is not available in our family, and even the bear’s paw ice cream is not available in our family…” the continuous golden sentences of Doudou fruit and fruit make the couple more and more understand the meaning of reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles.

After a family of four was released to the Internet, it also caused heated discussion among netizens.

Netizens commented one after another: “I admire you! Your parents are also great.

If I had time, I would have a lot of ideas to stop myself from moving forward.” “Great, interesting family, interesting parents, it’s an unforgettable experience for adults and children.” “It will be an unforgettable travel memory!” Li shuangyun said that he hopes to make the children gain joy in their growth by traveling thousands of miles.

Next, they will continue to travel south and plan to ride in the direction of Zhoushan to take the children to see the sea…

A walk and go trip is an unforgettable growth education for the children.

They will understand the world and broaden their horizons in the continuous progress! It also increases the intimate relationship between parents and children and paints a beautiful color for the future life path! Do you admire such a trip? The picture of reporter Wang Wenjie was provided by the interviewee..