Ride 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D5: Donggu township to Bamei

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Riding 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D5: 2155m from Donggu township to Bamei Donggu township ↗ 22km sit Buddha mountain villa 2708m ↗ 51.3km keloid beam 3910m ↘ Bamei 3440m68 km traveler’s Guidebook No.: 2763401 lunch: dry food (remember to prepare dry food before departure) sitting in Buddha mountain villa (accommodation): 13568676169 Bamei Lanxin Hotel: 18111689853 road condition: the whole asphalt road and cement road.

When you go out of Donggu Township, it is 51 km uphill (small downhill) to Yakou, some of which are steep.

When you get to the pass, you have to go down quickly for 9 kilometers and slowly for 8 kilometers to Bamei.

The scenery is very beautiful all the way.

Today, we are going to climb over the steepest mountain on the 317 Sichuan Tibet North line.

If we are not confident in ourselves, we suggest that we choose the zufo mountain villa 22 kilometers up from Donggu township as the starting point of accommodation.

At 3.9 km, there is a bridge, turn left to cross the bridge, and start the formal trip to climb over the pimple Liangzi.

It is 47 km to the pass, slowly adding a steep slope.

After crossing the bridge, it starts to steep.

There is a high cement deceleration belt on the uphill side, which is abnormal enough.

Whether the slope is steep or not, you can feel it by listening to the roar of the stream.

You can go from 22 km to sitting Buddha mountain villa and 29.4 km to the checkpoint.

The mobile phone network at the checkpoint was not good in the past.

There is a hot spring and a row of wooden houses on the left 43 kilometers away, which can receive several people.

It’s better not to plan here.

In case you can’t live, there is still an 8km slope in front, and some 4km in front of the last 8km slope are gentle.

If you can’t help feeling, it’s better not to bubble.

If your bones are soft, how can you go up the steep slope behind you.

Go a little further.

There is a spring hole on the side.

I feel some soup when I wash my hands.

It’s important to experience the trip.

We’ll put it behind us on the day when Daofu arrives at Luhuo.

44 kilometers to the mouth of the Yala snow mountain gully.

There is no inn to stay here.

From here, you can cross to Kangding, about 43 kilometers on foot.

Then there are several steep bends, and Yala snow mountain is becoming clearer and clearer.

Yala snow mountain is particularly magnificent, and the altitude of 5884 meters is frightening.

Although many mountaineering teams in the world try to conquer it, no one has ever climbed the main peak of Yala snow mountain.

The blade like ridge makes it more difficult to climb than Mount Everest.

The top of the mountain has thousands of peaks and walls, which are unattainable.

It is snowy all year round, like a silver sword, straight through the blue sky, magnificent and spectacular.

57 km when we got to Liangzi, we reached the intersection to Huiyuan temple.

Huiyuan temple still needs to turn right for about 3 km.

Huiyuan temple, Tibetan name is “GADA to Bahrain”.

In the seventh year of Yongzheng (1729), the Qing government invited the seventh Dalai Lama kasangjiacuo to take refuge here because of the unstable situation in Tibet.

It specially allocated silver, acquired more than 500 mu of land, and built temples and palace buildings.

In the middle of the temple gate, there was a huge gold-plated plaque of “Huiyuan Temple” bestowed by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

The 11th Dalai Kezhu Jiacuo was born here because of the favorable climate and location.

From then on, Huiyuan temple has a deep influence in the Tibetan area.

Xiageda Liangzi scenery in mid may xiageda Liangzi scenery in golden autumn in October with two sets of riding data for reference, updated just now..