Ride 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy d27: Dangxiong to Lhasa

Ride 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy d27: 4290m ~ 17.7km from Dangxiong to Lhasa, 4208m ~ 22km at the intersection of 561 national highway, 4219m ~ 35km at Ningzhong Township, 4284m at lesui zaxidajie family hotel ↗ 48.5km Nianqing Tanggula Mountain pass 4575m ~ 56.3km nadola mountain pass 4605m ↘ 76km Yangbajing 4273m ↘ Lhasa 3660m162km traveler’s Guidebook No.: 2763425 lunch: 35km lesui zaxidajie family hotel: Sichuan food oxygen supply and escape stack at the intersection of national highway 18143805259 (business hours from March 1 to the end of December) Tel: 15597122754 Yangbajing qiongmugangga Hotel: 13989911236 Lhasa accommodation Kangcheng Youth Hostel 317 exclusive medal receiving office: chengge: 18143288514 special reminder: if the wind is not strong from Gulu town to Dangxiong, it’s very early to arrive in Dangxiong one day.

If we continue to stay at the intersection of national highway 561 for 18 kilometers, we can save 2 hours to Lhasa the next day, The most important thing is that we can avoid the headwind in the afternoon when we set out from Dangxiong to Yakou one day.

After coming out from Dangxiong, it’s always shady.

The ups and downs are slow.

You still have to climb a relatively long slope, turn over and enter the boundary of Ningzhong township.

Only when you reach the gas station can you shine the sun.

22 kilometers to the intersection of Ningzhong Township, you have to turn 700 meters into the real township.

There are shops, teahouses and restaurants.

The school and township government repair very well.

There is also an agricultural bank.

It’s OK to have breakfast here, but there is no place to stay.

Starting from Ningzhong Township, you can slowly go up to the first Nianqing Tanggula Mountain pass.

The road is so straight that you can’t see the end.

Even if you see the mountain pass, you have to ride for a long time.

Do you ever think about turning around and experiencing the feeling of downwind? Benben tried very well, but he had to come back in the end! 35 kilometers to a Tibetan restaurant.

After 20 kilometers from Ningzhong Township, ride slowly and against the wind.

If you are hungry, you can eat.

Then there is no place to eat until you reach Yakou.

The upwind of the Qinghai Tibet line and the wind brought by the passing trucks pulled us around like fools.

When you push the cart hard, the wind from the car behind suddenly pushes you forward and staggers.

At this time, the wind from the car opposite suddenly pulls you back! No matter how the evil wind plays, Lhasa must arrive! Nianqing Tanggula Mountain Pass is 4575 meters above sea level.

There is no elevation sign of the pass.

The wind is stronger here, and the people who blow directly retreat! At the mountain pass, it continues to slow up, and during this period, it slows down for 51 kilometers to nadora mountain pass.

Then it goes down to Yangbajing slowly.

You can’t feel it under the action of the headwind.

If you don’t encounter the headwind on the Qinghai Tibet line, it’s really a burst of character.

Someone must have burned Gaoxiang for you! The road administration official is really too lax.

It used to be called nadola mountain, but now it is also called ladola mountain.

The altitude data error is so serious.

It is obviously 4600 meters past the point, but now it is 4261 meters.

Are you worried that the elevation is easier for us to rise? Come down from the nadola pass and turn right at the intersection of Yangbajing.

It is divided into two days from Dangxiong to Lhasa.

You can stay here.

There are hot springs in Yangbajing, which may not operate normally during the epidemic.

Remember, if you want to go to the hot spring, bring more water.

It’s thirsty to take a hot spring.

The water in it is several times more expensive.

Benben chose Yangbajing for his two 317 rides and arrived in Lhasa the next day in no hurry.

Starting from Yangbajing, after slowing down for three kilometers, I began to ride happily.

I can travel at a speed of more than 20 kilometers at random, up to 86 kilometers in Lhasa, with an average speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour.

Yangbajing goes down the ditch from Lhasa.

Like the first half of 317, it turns down the ditch to the Yakou every day, and then goes down the ditch from the Yakou.

There is not much headwind in this land type.

The riding record data is attached for reference.

The 57g317 exclusive medal design elements are extracted from the pattern shading of the medal composed of Tibetan clothing patterns and Tibetan auspicious eight treasures, and the medal hanging ears are extracted from the patterns of temples along the line.

The road map around the circle marks the famous cultural landscape points along the way: Chengdu – the top of the panda Kingdom – Huiyuan temple – Seda – Yulong Ratso – dege Institute of Sutra printing – varava Institute – Zizhu temple – zandan temple – Namtso – Lhasa.

The Tibetan language on the back is taken from the Tibetan language of “turning mountains, turning water and turning pagodas” in Cangyangjiacuo’s “that I”, that I, turning mountains, turning water and turning pagodas, not for the afterlife, Just to meet you on the way! Medal receiving conditions: first, Lhasa receives the 317 riding medal.

With any sports app to record the riding track of at least 1000 kilometers + Chengdu 57 Sichuan Tibet service station check-in card + Lhasa Kangcheng Youth Hostel, you can receive the 317 Sichuan Tibet North line medal at Lhasa Kangcheng youth brigade for free.

2、 If you can’t meet the conditions, you can get it by paying 77 yuan…