Ride 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D20: Rongbu to Baqing

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Riding 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D20: 3885m from Rongbu to Baqing Rongbu town ↗ 30.5km chalashan pass 4502m ↘ 45.5km, 4127m in Ya’an town ↗ 63.3km anwulashan pass 4586m ↘ Ba Qing 4148m90 km traveler’s Guidebook No.: 2763418 lunch: Ya’an town teahouse Hotel: 15348938888 Ba Qing Chuanyi Hotel (with washing machine): 13558871836 Ba Qing Yu Huazhu Hotel (public toilet) : 15902391828 the altitude data of anwula mountain pass is a special reminder of the most serious altitude error of all passes into Tibet: there are evil dogs tied on the right side of the pass.

Don’t get close to today.

If the weather is normal, you can continue to suoxian 30 kilometers away from Baqing.

If you have been exhausted by rain, snow and hail against the wind, you can live in Baqing at ease, Early rest is conducive to physical recovery.

Our strategy is based on 27 days, including three days of rest.

The headwind behind the 317 North Sichuan Tibet line will become stronger and stronger.

Those with good physical strength can adjust their itinerary according to the urban accommodation information provided in the strategy.

When riding the 317 rescue vehicle without on call, their itinerary should not exceed their ability.

Road condition: today, the whole journey is 90km, and the whole journey is paved with asphalt.

We need to climb two mountains, but the key point is to start against the wind at 1km away from anwula mountain, which makes us doubt our life! Remember one thing: 317 the second half of the North Sichuan Tibet line starts as soon as possible every day and tries to hurry in the morning.

The headwind usually starts at noon and lasts until the sun disappears completely.

More than 20 kilometers after departure, we can’t see the sun.

Before the sun shines on us, we will feel a little cold.

The falling rocks on the roadside mountains are still so terrible.

Although there are steel wire mesh, you can still feel them struggling to come out, so you should look up all the way and take precautions early.

After 30.5km, get to the first pass: chalashan pass.

Today, the first Chala mountain pass is not difficult, and it’s slow all the way.

When you arrive at Yakou slope for 7 kilometers, and then almost 8 kilometers from Pinglu Road, you can have lunch in Ya’an town.

On the way down the mountain, the roadside can see the anti-skid sand packed in boxes by the road administration from time to time.

Ya’an town has many hotels and several inns, and the turnover will be less in winter.

The hotel business here is mainly from April to October.

When Tibetans dig Cordyceps sinensis or other specialties, they sell them in the town and then consume them.

The domestic water in the town is collected from the government for free.

It is 5.5km away from Ya’an Town, up and down the road, to a bridge and officially start climbing until anwula mountain pass, a total of 12km, with an altitude of 430m.

In the middle, there is a section of 600m slow down and then continue to climb.

The slope is still a little steep.

It is about 1km close to the pass and begins to go against the wind.

The elevation mark of anwula mountain pass is 5089 meters, and the actual Walker shows an error of 4586 meters and 500 meters.

This should be the most unreliable elevation sign of all routes to Tibet.

The pass of anwula mountain is a little wide.

You still have to ride 2.6km to feel it when you officially start downhill.

It’s hard to pedal against the wind.

The last 4km of the pass sign is the Taoist class.

Where the plateau is wide, the wind will be rampant.

We would rather climb the steepest mountain and enjoy the benefits of slope at the top.

However, the open belt of plateau grassland is gentle and windward no matter up or down.

Because of the headwind, I can’t feel the obvious downhill when I go down anwula mountain.

I have to pedal all the way.

Anwula mountain sign is 23km away from Baqing county.

The construction of Baqing county is average.

It would be better to go to Suo county early.

The street pavement of Baqing county has been as bad as before after four years.

This is the record of two winter rides in 2017 and 2021..