Revisiting the history of the long march: riding the Red Army Road

On April 9, 2019, Kaifeng riders Association, as well as Kaifeng riders Promotion Association, did not forget its original intention Bearing in mind the mission and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, i.e.

the 85th anniversary of the Red Army’s Long March, Li Jie, Fang Shihe, fan Jianwen, Mingyue, Jiao Changshun, Lao Jing, beauty, cycling loving, Li Xiumei, Gao Gengyun and Liu Zhaosheng, with an average age of 65, including four women and heroes.

With the sustenance of the majority of riders and their dreams, they went to “revisit the history of the Long March, ride the Red Army Road”.

They braved the wind and rain, arrived at the assembly site on time, and prepared to start along the difficult course of the Red Army in those years.

Reviewing the history of the long march.

Riding on the Red Army road was valued and concerned by the leaders of Kaifeng Riding Association.

President Jiao, Minister Youlan deep, and enthusiastic riders from various ministries came to see you off in the rain., The activity of “revisiting the history of the Long March, riding on the Red Army Road” was concerned and supported by the majority of riders.

They braved the rain to see off the eleven warriors…

President Jiao of Kaifeng Riding Association and leader of “revisiting the history of the Long March, riding on the Red Army Road”: “Li Jie” also came to see off the elder brother of Youlan department and his comrades in arms, On the journey…

Group photo of Li Jie, the leader of “revisiting the history of the long march and riding the Red Army Road”, and Minister Youlan Shen.

Bye, brother! Captain Yu Qilin said goodbye to his relatives and friends.

All the members of “revisiting the history of the long march.

Riding on the Red Army Road” took their dreams with them.

And the majority of riding friends left their hometown in the heavy rain.

Women are better than our men on the road of fighting for the future.

Their names are “beauty”, “Li Xiumei”, “bright moon”, “love cycling”…

They made a good start on the first day of cycling, and the team members rode 153km in the rain.

Came to the famous national Red Village Nanjie Village Nanjie Village is a model of collective ownership.

The famous red scenic spot, known as the first village in Henan, is one of the top ten famous villages in China.

Red songs are sung everywhere in the village.

Red slogans all over the village.

It is a famous red village worthy of its name,…

The statue of anti gold hero Yang Zaixing in Yue Fei’s biography is so powerful, tall and heroic.

Captain, stand under the statue…

We go south along national highway 107 and ride 135km.

I came to the memorial hall of Yang Jingyu, the hero of the Anti Japanese League, and visited the heroic deeds of martyr Yang Jingyu.

Let us always remember this anti Japanese League hero.

Leaving the famous Red County, Queshan County, Henan Province, the team members are full of spirit.

one ‘s fighting spirit soars aloft.

Ride on national highway 107 and go straight to Wuhan, Hubei.

Standing on the Bank of the beautiful Nanwan lake, they are lined up in a neat formation.

They are the team leader: members of the jade riding forest like riding, Li Xiumei, the bright moon, beauty, fan Jianwen, tiger roaring, Jing, turning back to the shore, riding every day, Jigong Mountain.

Located in Xinyang City, Henan Province, east of Tongbai mountain and the westernmost end of Dabie Mountain, it is one of the four summer resorts in China.

It is also one of the first batch of eight national scenic spots opened to the outside world in New China and one of the first batch of four national key scenic spots in China.

Jigong Mountain has the reputation of “green division of Henan and Chu” and “strangling the three rivers”.

It has Buddha light, sea of clouds, fog song, rain song, Xiaguang, exotic flowers and plants, strange peaks and rocks, waterfalls and flowing springs.

Known as the eight natural landscapes.

After four hard days of riding, I went out of Henan and entered Hubei.

This is the first province crossed by “revisiting the history of the long march.

Riding the Red Army Road”.

I’m so excited.

Filial piety.

Because Dong Yong, the filial son of the Eastern Han Dynasty, sold himself to bury his father.

Xiaogan is a regional central city in Hubei Province.

National comprehensive pilot area for new urbanization.

Xiaogan is located in the east of Hubei Province.

North of the Yangtze River.

East of the Han River.

It borders on Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province, and is about 60km away from Wuhan.

Famous on the Internet, the national global light cavalry group leader “four fields” and our online old friends of “revisiting the history of the long march.

Riding the Red Army Road” leader “jade riding forest” finally get together today.

Wuhan riders enthusiastically took us to visit various scenic spots in Wuhan.

Our team members wear uniform and very beautiful clothes..

Neat lines shuttle through the streets and alleys of Wuhan.

Show the spirit of Henan Kaifeng Riding Association in Wuhan, Hubei…

The Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuchang on the South Bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

The top of Snake Mountain is close to the Yangtze River.

It is one of the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, a national 5A scenic spot.

Since ancient times, it has enjoyed “the first floor of rivers and mountains in the world” and “the best scenery in the world”.

The Yellow Crane Tower has been built since the beginning.

It is deeply loved by people all over the country.

Now it has been extended to the whole world and recognized by tourists all over the world.

See the Jiangxi boundary card.

I’m so excited.

Sent away Hubei Province.

Across another province, we came to Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, the holy land of the red revolution.

Referred to as “Xun”, it was called Xunyang, Chaisang and Jiangzhou in ancient times.

It is a prefecture level city in Jiangxi Province.

It is a famous Jiangnan cultural city with a history of more than 2200 years.

In the past dynasties, it was the capital county and the state capital ruled the land.

Jiujiang is located in the northernmost part of Jiangxi Province and the South Bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

On the Bank of Poyang Lake, at the junction of Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui and Hunan provinces.

Jiujiang is.

tourist attraction.

Lushan Mountain is one of the top ten famous mountains in China.

The birthplace of Buddhist Pure Land.

Donglin temple.


It is the most influential tourist city in the world.

The color of potato is boundless.

Looking at the strong pine, the flying across the chaotic clouds is still calm.

Born a fairy cave, infinite scenery in dangerous peaks.

Standing in Chairman Mao’s former residence, I thought of the great leader Chairman Mao here.

Holding important national meetings to discuss national affairs has saved the country and the people…

Standing at the foot of Lushan Mountain, we will always remember the history of the revolution.

A mountain flies to the side of the river and jumps up the verdant four hundred spins.

The cold eye looks at the world from the ocean, the hot wind blows and the rain sprinkles the river sky.

Nine schools of cloud horizontal poetry, yellow crane, white smoke from three Wu under the wave..