Review of Shiping Merida Red Star Cycling Club

On January 9, 2022, Shiping Merida Red Star cycling club organized 15 riders to ride longpeng.

Among them, 3 riders are over 70 years old and have been riding ahead.

Facts have proved that as long as you keep exercising, you will be healthy and have stronger perseverance.

Today, many young people dare not try the riding route, but they stick to it, It is an example for our young people to learn from.

Our slogan is that as long as we start, we will always arrive.

We like the feeling on the road.

We ride freely, go as we want, and stop as we want.

We don’t care about the end of the ride, but about the scenery along the way and the mood to enjoy the scenery.

Friends who like riding in Shiping welcome to join us.

Let’s climb mountains and mountains together, Let’s enjoy the scenery along the way.

Now welcome to enjoy the beautiful photos taken by our riders along the ride..