Research shows that cycling makes the intestines healthier!

Finnish scientists have found that cycling can change intestinal flora and reduce intestinal inflammation.

The research team of Turku University in Finland recruited 17 sedentary and overweight women to find out whether sports such as cycling will affect the ecology of intestinal flora under the same dietary conditions.

Therefore, a bicycle exercise schedule was designed for these overweight women.

They were required to ride bicycles three times a week for six weeks, and use a bicycle dynamometer to ensure everyone’s training intensity and time each time.

At the end of 6 weeks, the research team analyzed the composition and function of the subjects’ intestinal ecological flora.

The results showed that the number of “Proteus” that can cause intestinal inflammation decreased, while the number of akkermansiamuciniphila probiotics that can help improve metabolism increased.

Some studies have pointed out that this probiotics can prevent obesity and diabetes.

There are too many benefits of cycling.

I’ll stop talking.

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