Rent a car on the green road around Chengdu

First question: What day can I book a bike? On weekdays, from Monday to Sunday, you can rent when you arrive.

On weekends and holidays, you need to contact in advance to book (13320370660).

Second, ask: How to book a car rental! Add WeChat: 13320370660 send the name, pick-up time and height to WeChat, and pay a deposit of 70 yuan (50, 60 to 100 per day, mainly 60).

There are Chengdu car rental records.

Hainan and Qinghai enjoy a 10% discount for car rental.

Third question: Is there a deposit for car rental? When you pick up the car, you can pay a deposit ranging from 1000 to 2500 (equivalent to the car).

You can also take your ID card 1000 deposit+sign a car rental agreement student group charges student ID+500 deposit+sign an agreement.

Some people will ask why you need to charge so much deposit.

Think about it.

If you only charge a few hundred yuan deposit for a car of two or three thousand items and give it to one person, without any evidence, can you sleep? Fourth question: What models and accessories do you include in car rental? At present, our 57 Sichuan Tibet Service Station provides 300 Dukes of Merida, 800 daily by Xerox, 500D by Merida Warriors, 500plus by Xerox mountain bikes for renting helmets and front bags, and other gloves, scarves and riding pants can be purchased at the service station.

Optional: shelves, backpacks, lights Fifth question: Can I return the car half a circle? Yes, you can return the car from the 57 Sichuan Tibet Service Station to the Qinglong Lake Permanent Bicycle Store (Shiling Shangjie) 50 kilometers away.

You need to add 15 yuan for each car.

We will find the goods ourselves.

You can also pull and return the goods by yourself.

You need to put the cars in place for loading.

Do not stack them together.

Reminder: Parts damaged due to goods pulling shall be deducted from the deposit according to the maintenance cost.

Friendly tips: less than 7 goods are picked up, 8 to 11 goods are picked up, and 12 to 14 goods are picked up.

If it doesn’t rain, it’s better to level the truck and let the driver fix the bike with ropes.

Sixth question: Is the deposit refundable? The deposit can be refunded if you contact in advance.

If you don’t come that day, you can refund it if you contact before 7:30 in the morning.

If you contact after 9:00, you can’t refund it.

You need to explain in advance when picking up the car after 12:00 noon.

Question 7: Car rental business hours 1.

The Royal Garden 57 Sichuan Tibet Service Station is 7:30 in the morning.

If you want to return the car at night, you must inform you in advance to return it.

You can pick up the car at 23:002 at the latest.

The Qinglong Lake Permanent Bicycle (Shiling Street) is 8:30 in the morning, and the return time is 8:30 at the latest, Contact (13320370660) Eighth question: where can I pick up the car (especially important), please search as follows (Building C1, Lanyuan, Royal Garden) and contact (13320370660) Ninth question: How far is the service station from the greenway? The service station is 7km away from the greenway.

The tenth question is: how to navigate the service station to the entrance of the greenway by riding on the greenway.

Watch the video.

According to 57, provide a guidebook to avoid the muddy roads on the construction site.

Method 1: Recommended.