Redefine “riding safety”! An intelligent safety helmet with built-in recorder, comfortable and reassuring

With the development of cities and the popularity of cars, traffic jams have become an unavoidable pain point for everyone.

The originally spacious streets become large “parking lots” during the rush hour of commuting As a result, more and more people are choosing to ride electric bikes or bicycles, which can not only avoid the crowded traffic, but also exercise.

It’s a lot of benefits to have a commute fee every month.

But I still want to remind you that when you choose to ride through the streets, you have to be vigilant at all times, because dangers may be everywhere on the streets with endless traffic, and you want to protect yourself better in the process of riding, “Safety helmet” is absolutely essential equipment.

Moreover, the public security and transportation departments have also issued relevant regulations such as “One Helmet Belt”.

Nowadays, it has become a traffic offence to ride without wearing a safety helmet.

However, there are so many safety helmets on the market, how to choose? Today, I would like to recommend a safe and comfortable Foxwear smart recorder helmet with built-in high-definition tachograph and lighting warning function.

It’s a groundbreaking redefinition of the safety helmet, which really guarantees your safe travel~~Foxwear smart helmet recommended reasons: 1.

Integrated thickened PC shell, breathable and cushioned EPS liner, safe protection, solid as a rock; 2.

1080P high-definition front camera, which can clearly record the road information with one button, and 1200mAh long endurance; 3.

Manual rotation adjustment, adjustable head circumference, front night light, rear tail light, making riding safer; As a professional safe riding helmet, Foxwear smart helmet has the industry’s ceiling level cool look.

And when you learn about the many black technology functions inside, you will definitely be amazed at the first time! 1080P high-definition camera can record every moment at any time.

I believe that many experienced “old drivers” will install tachographs on their cars.

In this way, the whole travel process can be recorded completely, adding a security information guarantee for yourself.

In fact, for the relatively more vulnerable cyclists, such protection is more important! However, in the past, it was basically impossible to install recording equipment on electric vehicles and bicycles.

Many cyclists have no choice but to buy such expensive sports cameras as GoPro to fix them on the helmet, which not only increases the cost of use, but also makes them ugly and inconvenient to wear! In order to solve this pain point of cyclists, Foxwear smart helmet specially hides a high-definition recorder in the helmet.

Without affecting the appearance, you can easily record every detail of your trip.

Just click the record switch under the helmet brim, and you can easily open the front lens on the top of the helmet.

The specially set memory card slot and the direct interface of the mobile phone also enable you to record all the riding processes completely.

This 1080P high-definition camera on the Foxwear smart helmet can capture clear video images no matter in the day or at night.

After connecting with the mobile phone and computer through the data cable, you can query the captured pictures in real time without installing an APP.

As the camera on the Foxwear smart helmet is excellent enough, it can be used as a driving recorder.

For photography enthusiasts who like to take pictures of riding scenery and Vlog, using the Foxwear smart helmet can also take many interesting instant videos.

Really free your hands, and shoot if you want.

The lighting warning function helps to drive safely.

For people who commute to work every day, riding at night is undoubtedly the most dangerous.

For this reason, the Foxwear smart helmet is designed with lighting warning lights at the front and back of the helmet, so that you can ride more safely at night.

You can light up the LED light in front of the Foxwear smart helmet with just one touch.

In the dark night, light up the road ahead for you easily.

Not only that, there is also a warning tail light at the back of the Foxwear smart helmet, which can also be lit by just pressing down.

The warning tail light is also equipped with three light modes: fast flash, slow flash and constant light, which can help you travel at night.

Full detail design makes wearing more comfortable.

In terms of technology and details, Foxwear smart helmet shell is made of integrated PC material, with thickened EPS liner, and its safety protection is as firm as a rock.

Streamlined large air hole multi-channel design optimizes the air flow in and out, which can quickly dissipate heat and sweat, making riding more refreshing and comfortable.

The head circumference adjuster can be manually rotated to adjust the size, so that the Foxwear smart helmet can be independently adjusted and worn by both men and women, adults and children.

With removable and washable lining and snap chin strap, the Foxwear smart helmet can feel comfortable and ceremonial.

I believe that people who have used it will “love it”.

In terms of use and endurance: 1200mAh pure cobalt cell battery can record 12 hours of recorded images without any pressure.

Application: In addition to wearing it when commuting, Foxwear smart helmet can also be easily competent for extreme climbing and other use scenarios.

There are also a variety of colors for you to choose.

Such a commuter outdoor smart helmet full of black technology can definitely bring you comprehensive safety protection for your riding.

Let you go to work happily and travel safely!!! Foxwear smart recorder helmet original price: 699 yuan, limited time discount price: from 299 yuan ▼..