Recommended | It’s cool in autumn. It’s a good time for cycling. There is always one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Hangzhou for

Recently, many netizens ran into actor Wu Lei riding by the West Lake and uploaded the video to the social platform.

Recently, Hangzhou, a world bicycle friendly city, ranked seventh.

Coincidentally, the travel website The Travel has recently selected the world’s top ten bicycle friendly cities, with Hangzhou ranking eighth.

The popularity of bicycles in Hangzhou is due to the slow traffic system in Hangzhou, among which the construction of greenways contributes a lot.

Most of the greenways in Hangzhou are built along rivers, with water, trees, flowers and pavilions.

Riding in the scenery is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy and enjoyable.

The autumn is bright and cool.

It is a good time for cycling.

There is always one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Hangzhou for you.

Primary Prince Bay Park – Huanglong Prince Bay Park is a well deserved back garden in Hangzhou.

Starting from there, you can ride on Yanggong Causeway to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake.

There are many restaurants with style on both sides of the road.

It is also very comfortable to have a coffee break and enjoy the setting sun in the afternoon.

All the way north to Huanglong, at the next corner, the painting style changes from natural and fresh to modern urban visual sense.

Not only that, the night scene of Huanglong is very lively.

Don’t miss it.

Cycling route: Taiziwan Park – Yanggong Causeway – Huanglong Sports Center Road: gentle total length: about 5.8 km, taking about 35 minutes.

Zhijiang Road — Jiuxi, the Eighteen Streams, and Jiuxi are named after the streams formed by the small streams of nine mountain docks.

The total length is 6 kilometers.

The mountains are deep and the forests are dense.

Along the way, the brook accompanied by the sound of gurgling water accompanied by some bumpy gravel roads.

The Jiuxi River has a small slope, and there are many wading places on the way, so those who are brave can rush through.

However, there is no street light here at night, so it is recommended to go together and bring the lights.

Besides, it is all gravel roads, so it is recommended to ride mountain bikes.

Riding route: Shililangdang — Longjing West Road — Jiuxi Road — Zhijiang Road Pavement: Shizi Road+18 small streams+a short section of climbing: about 7.5 km, taking about 50 minutes.

The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal starts from the Wulinmen Wharf and travels along Hebei.

When the lights are on, you can ride your bike and feel the most primitive life here in the breeze.

On the way to the north, you will pass the History Museum, magnificent tall buildings, amazing modern buildings, water taxis and barges on the lake.

The modern and simple Hangzhou is a century old city.

Riding route: Wulin Gate Wharf – Canal – North Star Bridge, total length: about 8 kilometers, taking about 50 minutes.

Although Xianghu Lake has no atmosphere of the West Lake, it is more quiet and natural than the West Lake.

It is very suitable for cycling, from the northeast side of Xianghu Lake to the southwest, from Phase I to Phase III.

The temperature near the lake will be lower than that in the urban area.

It’s very comfortable to ride.

However, the ecological environment of Xianghu Lake is also very good.

Young partners should pay attention to mosquito and insect prevention.

Cycling route: Wangyue Bridge – Yuewang Road – Yangdi – Hushan Square Road: flat total length: about 5.6 km, taking about 30 minutes for intermediate folk music court Fenghe – Lingyin Temple people who like to travel slowly can also find a refreshing place to ride in Hangzhou.

For example, the road from the Quyuan Fenghe Temple to Lingyin Temple.

Although the summer has passed and the lotus has withered, the beauty of early autumn is still charming.

From the northwest corner of the West Lake, ride westward along Lingyin Road to Lingyin Temple, and pass by the lush Hangzhou Botanical Garden on the way.

Continue to walk westward along Lingyin Road, there is a small uphill that requires some effort.

Finally, we arrived at Lingyin Temple, which is quiet and full of Zen.

Riding route: Quyuan Fenghe – Lingyin Road – Lingyin Scenic Area Road: uphill+downhill Total length: about 6km, taking about 40 minutes.

Qiantang River Bridge – Wentao Road is from Qiantang River Bridge to Wentao Road and then to Fuxing Bridge.

This section is relatively gentle, with good lighting for night riding.

You can enjoy the beautiful river scenery in the boundless scenery.

Wentao Road can be used for sightseeing or leisure.

Walkways and jogging roads are close to the river and separated from cycling roads by cherry trees, so they will not disturb each other.

It is not only suitable for leisure riding, but also for speed racing.

In the evening, there will be many people walking and running along the river.

It is a very suitable road for people to ride.

Riding route: First Bridge Wentao Road Fourth Bridge Road: flat total length: about 11km, taking about 1 hour for the Six Harmonies Pagoda Qianjiang New City starts from the ancient Six Harmonies Pagoda in Hangzhou, rides along the Qiantang River, passes through three huge river crossing bridges, shuttles in the boulevard, and has a panoramic view of the riverside scenery.

Along the way to Qianjiang New City, there are many shops in the old street.

It’s also a happy thing to feel the Hangzhou flavor of the old times.

Cycling route: Six Harmonies Pagoda – Zhijiang Road – Qianjiang New City Road: Jiangdong Road with flat sand – Qianjiang New City starts from Jiangdong Bridge all the way to the west.

There is no downtown bustle, but there is also a different beauty.

The road condition is flat, and you can feel the sound of the wind blowing through your ears when you ride at night.

This is a route from Xiasha to downtown.

You can feel the change of atmosphere along the way.

When you are lucky, you can see the light show of Qianjiang New City.

Riding route: West side of Jiangdong Bridge – Zhijiangdong Road – Qianjiang New City Road: flat total length: about 15.8 km, taking about 1.5 hours.

In the eyes of many cyclists, Longjing Mountain Road is the most classic climbing route in Hangzhou, famous for its many bends and steep slopes, The difficulty coefficient is no less than the “Autumn Famous Mountain Path” in Tou Zi D “, thus becoming a cycling route for cyclists to pursue speed and passion.

This route is more suitable for experienced riders, and is not recommended for novices.

If you must experience it, please be sure to wear your helmet and gloves, and wear your cycling clothes.

Remember to turn on the headlights and tail lights when riding at night.

The cycling route: Maojiabu Longjing Road Longjing Village Road: flat road+uphill+downhill, including 6 180 ° sharp turns, 8 90 ° turns, and small 5 bends.

Total length: about 5.8 km, taking about 40 minutes..