Realize your dream! The Tibetan boy who once rode for 6 hours to rub online classes has become a nurse as he wishes

Source: “Xinhua Daily Telegraph” wechat official account (ID: xhmrdxwx) integration: Qi Erwu, remember? Early last year, during the epidemic, a Tibetan student living in Xigaze once boarded the hot search for riding a bike for 6 hours every day to rub online classes.

Now, how is he? His name is CIREN Qusang, a student of nursing class 183 of Jiangsu food and Drug Vocational and technical college.

His home is 4600 meters above sea level, only 49 kilometers away from Mount Everest.

Due to the unstable network signal, it takes nearly 6 hours to get up at 4 a.m.

every day and ride a motorcycle to the county to find online classes, It also attracted the attention of all parties.

The communication department came to help their village install the network.

At that time, CIREN Qusang said happily, “now the network speed is very good, so we don’t have to run so far.

Thank them very much” “our country is really strong.

Within a week, we solved a big problem and brought a new learning environment to many students in our village”, The media tracked his recent situation – after receiving the care and help of the society and the school, CIREN Qusang lived up to expectations and performed well during his internship.

He gradually changed from being only able to assist in work to being able to be alone.

He was not only highly praised by the teachers, but also won the title of “excellent intern”, Having just graduated, he successfully passed the nursing examination and successfully entered a hospital in Shannan City, Tibet to engage in nursing related work.

Why is he determined to become a medical worker? CIREN Qusang said that in junior high school, the medical staff with suppurative appendicitis had saved his life through surgery.

Since then, becoming a medical staff has become his biggest dream, supporting his dream of going out early and returning late and traveling long distances.

Now it has finally come true! When the new round of epidemic came, he also volunteered to stay in Shannan railway station, take root in the front line and guard the door of epidemic prevention.

“I have received a lot of care and help from the state and society, and will realize my promise step by step to benefit the society.” Being familiar with Tibetan and Chinese makes communication easy, said CIREN Qusang, “At this time, I feel that I chose the right career and major.

I didn’t live up to or disappoint myself.” “the trend of ambition is boundless; the poor mountain is far from the sea.

There can’t be any limit.” CIREN Qusang rode in the cold wind at 4 a.m.

and realized his dream with practical actions, Inspire the dream chasers on the road of struggle to pay tribute to all dream chasers! Data: Tibet Daily, pear video, Shanhai video, modern express producer: Lu Gang | editor in charge: Zhao Cen | proofreader: Zhang Hui..