Real AA system principle for outdoor cycling

Riders should know: the real AA principle of outdoor riding 1.

The first principle of outdoor riding: always take care of yourself! Many people understand AA outdoor cycling as “cost AA”, which is the biggest mistake of AA outdoor cycling at present.

In fact, it is not only the cost AA, but also the responsibility and risk AA.

Therefore, when riding outdoors, not only the team members but also the leaders are in danger.

Some friends are always more or less looking for a way to rely on when they enter the cycling, which leads to the complaints that the leader does not take care of people carefully and the old riders look down on our new riders.

Don’t think that other people will help me.

Everyone here is facing the nature independently.

It’s someone else’s business to help you, but you should understand: I must rely on myself!!! 2.

Keep an eye on your partner’s safety.

If a teammate falls down or cannot move forward, the team will face many difficulties? A team is a whole, and the mistakes of each team member will bring unexpected difficulties to the whole team.

Therefore, protecting your teammates is also protecting yourself, which is not contradictory to the first rule: always take care of yourself is the rule that you can survive; Protecting your teammates is a guarantee to achieve your goals.


Don’t join the AA team that is too different from your own strength.

Many new riders complain that some old riders don’t take them out.

If Line A is OK, but if Line B is, you must ask yourself, am I able to join such a line? An AA team whose strength is too different is bound to have an asymmetry of information and experience: route selection, camp selection, travel equipment selection and handling of unknown difficulties.

Others may be careful to remind others of some things, and others may not be aware of some things, especially long distance riding, whether your equipment can be cold proof and waterproof, and if some small details are not noticed, At this time, you will face more dangers and difficulties than your teammates.

Outdoor is dangerous.

When everyone enters the limit state, what they want most is to let themselves survive.

Therefore, everyone must understand that sometimes when danger comes, accidents often start from the weakest members of the team.


Never use your extreme friends.

If you join an organized commercial team, please give full play to your physical strength, because when you are exhausted, the organizer will take care of you and send you back to the camp safely; If you fight for honor, you should also give full play to your physical strength, because achieving goals is your ultimate choice.

However, in the cycling organized by yourself, you should take into account the team members and partners together, try not to put pressure on others, whether fast or slow, and take the overall situation into consideration.

Keep the whole team consistent.

Organizers need to know: 1.

Safety is always the first.

When unexpected situations occur, you should dare to “give up”.

This is not just for the whole team, but sometimes for an individual.

In many cases, the team members do not consider the coming danger, but if the leader finds it, he must put forward and stop it.

Maybe he is in poor health, maybe he is not well equipped, and there is no fluke mentality.

Of course, this decision is painful, but “give up” means “get”.

The leader must understand that safety is always the first! 2.

Adjust the plan and schedule according to the weakest members of the team.

Ride outdoors.

A good leader should always pay attention to the situation of the members, arrange the travel speed according to the physical strength of the weakest members, and adjust the plan and schedule according to the strength of the weakest members, so as to ensure the safety of the whole team.

It may feel unfair to arrange some leaders in this way, but either you should not take her or him to participate in activities.

Since you do, you must consider the strength of the team members in the plan for safety.


It is not omnipotent to listen to the reasonable suggestions of the team members at any time.

In many cases, the team leader may not make up his mind.

On the one hand, the team members should put forward reasonable suggestions to the team leader at any time, and on the other hand, the team leader should accept with an open mind, not pretend to understand or show off; Be honest with your limits.


The two members of the team do not take A, and the members who do not have the spirit of unity and cooperation do not: such members are often strong donkeys, who are late, selfish and unique.

They have their own set of experience or ideas or selfish psychology.

They are resistant to some decisions of the team leader, and often act on their own, so the consequences of the team members will be disastrous.


The players with too big a difference in strength cannot be taken with them: if the difference in strength is too big, it will not only drag the whole team behind, but also may cause disunity among the players.

Sometimes it is said: “If someone is still a novice, you will not take care of him.” It will make you faint.

No matter whether such a player is a beauty or not, he should still refuse, which is good for her and the whole team.


Some people may say that it is impossible to understand the physical and personality conditions of the team members when they go out to recruit them.

This leads to my last principle: try to travel with familiar people!! This article comes from the network.

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