Qingyuan vasst cycling * Series II (78km)

Qingyuan vasst cycling * series I (cycling for 38 kilometers) had dinner at 9:00 p.m.

on Saturday night, went back to the hotel and immediately took a shower and fell asleep.

At 3:00 a.m.

on Sunday, he got up to repair his tablets.

He was hungry.

He went down to the front desk on the second floor and wanted to see if there was any instant noodles.

Unfortunately, there was nothing.

He had to drink water to fill his stomach.

In the future, he would still be ready to eat anything.

As long as it was something to eat, it would become a beautiful scenery outside the window.

After breakfast, We immediately went to the test point next to the B & B for nucleic acid.

At night, we blew the air conditioner against it all night.

This morning, we got up and said that we were a little dizzy.

It was not good to blow it violently.

I had been to the B & B at the end of the market for a night before.

I slept with the air conditioner directly opposite and above.

The next day, I had a terrible headache.

However, after riding for a while, I saw his mental state.

He was lively.

Youth is capital! Looking ahead, the Yunshan mountain in the distance is so beautiful that we saw the eagle 🦅, The vasst chariot hovering above my head – a particularly beautiful section of the road, the UAV hit a wire with a small wound and a bit of mud.

Fortunately, after a hundred battles, Lao Wu waited for us at the intersection.

Lao Wu said, you go first.

I’ll wait for them to come out of the paper mill.

This is a section of riding with Gu Gu after passing the cement plant.

He broke the wind and led me.

It was very comfortable.

Because of the road section, I couldn’t brush very fast, But it’s also fun.

When lunch time comes, stop the car, have a meal and go all the way.

Just for the sake of the ice cold popsicle in your heart, you can finish your meal, continue to move forward and follow the rescue car.

When you feel comfortable, no wonder you are happy to rush the slope to the top of the mountain.

Everyone has a rest for a while, climb the slope for an hour, and go downhill for a few minutes.

For these minutes, it’s worth crossing several small towns.

Lao Wu is very fast, I thought about whether to follow him.

I followed him for a while, but I stopped.

I was used to riding leisurely.

I put my SLR in the rescue car, shook the car for a while, saw this section of the road, and thought that I should take pictures.

I couldn’t miss waiting for the car.

When I heard Joe drinking well, I also came to a bottle.

It was about ten kilometers away.

When the storm hit, Kun couldn’t hold his eyes, It’s hard to find a place to hide in all the water.

The last twoorthree kilometers of the Golden Swallow was drenched in the rain.

The fresh air after the rain is fine.

I also remind you to take a deep breath.

It’s almost time.

Hahahaha, the work is over.

Take a hot bath.

Pack up your things and go home.

Spend a perfect weekend.

Every kilometer counts..