Qingqing Cycling | 11.20 Yanxi Lake Cycling, one of the top ten cycling routes in Beijing, and a small town in Europe that is famous for its

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Driving is a little fast, parking is a little hard, and hiking is a little far…

Cycling – a combination of driving and hiking in the beautiful Yanqi Lake • 22 km slow cycling system Beijing’s top ten cycling routes ride around the lake while playing • Leisure cycling experience the ecological beauty of early winter, close to nature, enjoy the scenery of cycling along the way, fast as you want, slow as you want, It is convenient to park at any time.

Riding for relaxation can also help you exercise.

Why not.

Here, the sky is blue, the water is clear, the trees are green, and the lakes and mountains are beautiful.

Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the nature and wash your mind.

We will experience the riding information in this beautiful way: 1.

The road condition is 95% flat, the slope is 5%, the line is bright, the road is gentle, the site is open, the line intensity is: ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆, the landscape index is: ★★★★ 2.

The slow walking path around the lake and the riding line are about 20 kilometers long, On the way, you will successively pass Yanqi Lake Road, Yanqi Lake Main Dam, Yanqi Lake West Road and Yanqi Hubei Road to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside Yanqi Lake in a 360 degree panoramic view.


In the whole slow walking path around the lake and cycling system, important nodes are equipped with public supporting service facilities such as tourist service points, public toilets, viewing platforms, commercial outlets and cruise terminals, which can meet the needs of people who stay at each viewing platform to enjoy the beautiful scenery, rest and supply during hiking.


Select the cruise ship dock nearby to enter the water loop line in the lake, and visit Yanqi Island, International Conference Center, Yanqi Tower, Yanqi Hotel, Sunrise Oriental Hotel and other characteristic buildings in a short distance.

Yanqi Lake is located at the edge of the Great Wall at the foot of Yanshan Mountain.

Groups of wild geese often come to the lake to live in spring and autumn, so it is named.

In 1985, with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Government, Yanqi Lake was listed as a key tourism development project in Beijing during the “Seventh Five Year Plan” period.

In 1987, it was officially opened to tourists.

In 2002, Yanqi Lake was rated as a national AAAA tourist scenic spot; In May 2017, the “the Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum was held to discuss cooperation plans, jointly build cooperation platforms, and share cooperation achievements.

Yanqi Lake once again became the focus of attention.

The lake is composed of two lake areas, the east and the west, with a broad water surface, a storage capacity of 38 million cubic meters, a water surface of 230 hectares, and a maximum water depth of 25 meters.

The overall planning scope of the Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area is 31 square kilometers, including two major construction blocks, namely, the international capital of 21 square kilometers and the Yanqi Town of 10 square kilometers.

After the APEC meeting, with Yanqi Lake as the core, we will build a perfect guidance system within 21 square kilometers, build a 13 km slow traffic system around the lake and a riding system, set up sightseeing cars, ferry cars and ferries, and currently there are 8 car charging posts.

The convenient transportation system and perfect service system make it very convenient to visit and carry out fitness activities in Yanqi Lake area.

Tourists can take a boat tour around the lake, around the island, or take a car tour, ride or hike along the lake road.

It is about 22 kilometers long.

The starting point is Dingxiu Spring Town Yancheng Ancient Street South Bank of Yanqi Lake West Bank North Bank Terminal.

・++The schedule of Yanqi Lake | 07:30 Entrance/Exit C of Dongmen Subway Station of Beida, 08:00 Entrance/Exit A of Huixin West Street Subway Station, the flagpole of Anhui Building, 10:30 | Arrive at Yanqi Lake, pick up bicycles, check vehicles and protective equipment, and the leader explains the precautions uniformly.

After that, I rode along the west bank of Yanxi Lake under the leadership of the leader, and along the way, I enjoyed the natural scenery of Yanqi Lake; 12: 00 | Choose a beautiful place for lunch.

13: 00 | Go to the south bank of Yanxi Lake for a ride, and watch the sunrise Oriental Hotel (bird eggs) at a close distance, and Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center (Yanqi Tower) at a distance.

16: 00 | Return to the origin.

After returning the bike, assemble for the return trip; 17: 30 | Arrive at the departure place, and the happy journey ends.

Note: The above is only about the time, and the major projects will remain unchanged.

The activity process may be temporarily adjusted according to the specific situation of the site, such as the number of team members, physical condition, real-time weather changes, road conditions, local scenic spots, etc., all subject to the leader’s arrangement.

The picture and landscape sketch in this case are for reference only.

The picture shooting will vary depending on the season, sufficient rain, time period, weather, light, photographer, photographer’s angle and shooting level.

Instructions for registration: 1.

Wear casual and comfortable clothes, hiking shoes or hard soled sports shoes; 2.

In case of severe weather, such as wind, snow, rain and fog, the team leader will issue a cancellation notice in the WeChat group.

If there is no notice, start as scheduled; 3.

Please do not act on your own during the journey to avoid getting lost and causing unnecessary injuries; 4.

Carry ID card, 2-3 liters of water per person, and sufficient food supplies; 5.

Charge the mobile phone well, such as preparing the charger for taking photos, and keep it unblocked at all times; 6.

Try not to bring valuables, such as mobile phones, while playing; ★ Take care of the environment, travel green, and do not discard garbage during the activity.

Precautions (1) Please do not register for the activity if you have a recent history of living in medium and high risk areas.

You have no history of living outside Beijing within 7 days.

On the day of the activity, check the nucleic acid negative certificate of Health Treasure for 72 hours; 2.

During the activity, wear a mask, keep a proper social distance, and have separate meals; 3.

Comply with the local epidemic prevention regulations of the destination, cooperate with the local epidemic prevention inspection of the destination, and do not discard the used masks in the wild environment..