punch the clock! Hiking, cycling, jogging… Huizhou greenway yyds~

Today, Thursday, tomorrow, Friday, and then work on Sunday.

Remember to set the alarm clock.

Don’t be late.

Although there is only one day off this week, there are five days after May Day.

Imagine taking advantage of the holiday to go hiking, jogging and cycling…

These green roads can be used for reference.

Of course, various epidemic prevention measures should also be prepared.

The Honghua Lake greenway, including the connecting line, is 34 kilometers long, It connects chaojingmen, yuanmiao ancient temple, Fengzhu garden, guabang Pavilion and other famous cultural attractions in Huizhou West Lake National scenic spot.

In the emerald mountains, accompanied by the whisper of birds, an 18 kilometer “lung washing trip” is also a good choice to escape from the busy life for the time being.

Admission: free address: No.

92, honghuahu Road, Shangpai, Huicheng District, Huizhou City.

Traffic guide: bus stop 235, 23, 36, 37, 4, 38, 44, 19, 6.

Tuchongwang 1134885983507316765 East River side greenway East River side greenway connects seven theme parks with a 3.2km health trail as the axis: garden of flowers, garden of wind, main square, garden of boats, garden of water, sculpture garden and garden of grass, Let you experience various colors while walking.

This greenway belongs to the urban area of Huizhou.

Riding along the river, you can also see Hesheng bridge, Hakka fishermen and other landscapes.

The greenway along the Dongjiang River passes through a bamboo forest on the way.

Ticket: free address: the North Bank of Dongjiang River in the north of Jiangbei, starts from Dongjiang water conservancy project and ends at Wangjiang photo network ID: 500915493 (irrelevant to the picture and text).

Daya Bay Greenway in Huizhou is a provincial greenway No.

2, which connects with paiyashan Greenway in Shenzhen and goes eastward along the coast, It is 59.6km long from Daya Bay to Xunliao coastal tourist resort, including 41km long provincial greenway.

Daya Bay greenway forms its own distinctive scenic sections according to different landforms and local conditions.

The whole line uses nearly 20 kilometers of coastal coastline, which is also the longest coastal Greenway in Guangdong.

Route: take bus No.

201 and 299 to gold coast station and walk 300 meters to the east to get near the entrance; For self driving, please navigate: Gold Coast or Wushantou greenway map insect network: 883225140761591848 provincial No.

2 greenway Huidong section, provincial No.

2 greenway Huidong section starts at the junction of yapojiao and Daya Bay District, and finally the Sheraton Hotel in mozishi Park, Xunliao coastal tourism resort, with a total length of 49.6km.

Along the line, there are not only coastal scenery with primitive ecological environment, lush mountain trails, but also food street, bar street, Tianhou palace folk culture street and five-star hotel group with great coastal style.

Admission: free address: Shili Yintan tuchong creativity-1260313554103697408, Huidong County (unrelated to the picture and text) Qiuchang general greenway Qiuchang general greenway starts from general Ye Ting Memorial Park and ends at country garden forest lake.

The whole journey is 30 kilometers.

A rest service area is planned along the greenway, equipped with relevant supporting facilities.

Warm reminder: compared with other greenways, this greenway is more challenging.

Because there are many curves, it is also called “autumn famous mountain in Huizhou” by many netizens.

If you plan to ride, you must pay attention to safety! Admission: free address: from forest lake in Yonghu town to the former residence of Qiu Changye Ting, tuchong creativity-903557502893220222 (irrelevant to pictures and texts) Guanyin Pavilion greenway Guanyin Pavilion greenway is located in Dongjiang Wetland Park, with a total length of about 40 kilometers and shady trees throughout the whole process.

Guanyin Pavilion is also known as the “hometown of cycling”.

It is also equipped with supporting facilities such as riverside viewing platform, bicycle post station and water replenishment station, as well as farmhouse leisure restaurant.

Because there are few traces of man-made destruction along Guanyinge greenway, it still retains the original pastoral scenery.

Admission: free address: tuchong creativity-14348657676955143, Guanyin Town, BOLUO County, Huizhou (not related to the picture and text) huangshadong greenway greenway is built along the stream, with a gurgling stream on one side and peanuts and rice on the other side.

Walking through the bamboo forest, it is full of vibrant scenery.

The greenway planning is divided into the south section of huangshadong Lake greenway, the middle section connecting the greenway beside the 203 county road to the entrance of dunzichang village, and the north section connecting the greenway along the Dalan river.

Netizens recommended the best route to punch in the Huangsha cave greenway: take a detour to hengliwei town to taste the authentic Hengli soup powder, and pass through Huangsha cave village.

The greenway is planned in the middle with 8 interest points and 7 viewing platforms to meet all your needs of eating, drinking and playing! Admission: free address: tuchong creativity-1074304963097002022 in the north of AIPO, Hengli Town, Huicheng District, Huizhou (unrelated to the picture and text) the greenway of Dongshan Park also hides a greenway with extremely beautiful scenery along the way in the provincial forest park along the Dongjiang River in Boluo county.

When the flowers bloom in March and April every year, this greenway is filled with pink Bauhinia, a tree full of flowers, and the faint fragrance of flowers fills the air.

It should also be very pleasant to ask friends to take a walk along the greenway, punch in and take photos and enjoy flowers on weekends! Admission: free address: Dongshan Park, BOLUO County, Huizhou City.

Traffic guide: BOLUO 3 Road, BOLUO 268 Road, BOLUO 4 road, BOLUO 8 Road, BOLUO 168 road.

Tuchong creativity-1147476611416064089 (not related to pictures and texts).

Shuixibi road is 1.66 kilometers long.

The red line of the road is 6 to 7 meters wide.

It starts from Longmen County Transportation Bureau in the West and runs east-west, ending at Shuixi bridge in the East.

The asphalt pavement is wide and clean, the street lamps on both sides of the greenway are high, and the newly planted Rhododendron is vigorous.

People feel a new atmosphere along the road..