Protect riding safety in all directions! Far star “take away travel expert tire” 0 pressure challenge 100 miles, and then send good news!

Nowadays, if an enterprise wants to build a popular product, it must not build it behind closed doors.

The most fundamental thing is to grasp the hearts of users.

Only by starting from the user’s thinking can we form a marketing closed loop in research and development, technology, services and other aspects, and finally win a good reputation of the terminal.

In short, user thinking is actually to solve users’ pain points and provide convenience for users to the greatest extent.

Just like the birth of the “take away travel expert tire” that can run 100 miles at “0 pressure” of Yuanxing, it not only helps users solve the safety needs of gas deficient riding, but also performs well in skid resistance, stab resistance, power saving and other aspects, which can meet the differentiated riding needs of consumers in different scenarios.

The on-site challenge 0 pressure challenge 100 miles, riding with ease.

Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” won the rough road conditions.

Recently, Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” 0 pressure 100 miles Riding Challenge “is in hot progress, and is being witnessed and tested by the whole society and industry.

The first stop is the mountain road.

With its strong technical level and product hard power, Yuanxing “take out travel expert tire” successfully completed the challenge of riding at 0 pressure and running 100 miles.

After the successful challenge of the first stop, we received many inquiries from dealers and consumers.

Some consumers asked whether riding an electric vehicle under “0 pressure” would seriously damage the tires and even affect the wheel hubs of the electric vehicle even if it could ride 100 miles? For the questions raised by consumers, Yuanxing chose the most powerful way to answer them.

Recently, it welcomed the “0 pressure 100 mile cycling challenge” in the pond terrain of five takeaway riders in southern China.

In this challenge, 5 electric vehicles with “take away travel expert tires” from Yuanxing were also driven by the take away brother, and the tire changing process was successfully completed with the assistance and supervision of the owner of Yadi electric vehicle store.

Different from the first all mountain challenge, the pond terrain has raised the challenge difficulty of 0-pressure cycling to a higher level.

The road conditions of the whole 100 miles are mostly the landforms of the junction of villages and towns with muddy and potholes on the road, which can comprehensively test the wear resistance, puncture, power saving and other properties of tires, and can be called “devil level”.

After different sections of terrain and long-term cycling, Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” withstood the pressure again and successfully completed the “0 pressure 100 mile cycling challenge”.

The reason why Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” can enable car owners to ride farther safely is that in order to ensure the stiffness and strength, this tire has a special design for the fit of the tire and rim and the outline of the sidewall waterproof line, so as to increase the hoop force and enhance the strength.

When the tire is riding at 0 air pressure, the tire and rim are still closely matched without bead unseating.

At the same time, the outer contour design of patterns such as drainage grooves can further improve the drainage performance of tires while optimizing the grounding area.

Moreover, this special design ensures the safety of car owners even when driving on dry and wet roads.

Of course, the most powerful part has been highlighted incisively and vividly in the challenge.

Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” can enable the vehicle to safely drive 100 miles at a speed of 30 km / h under rough road conditions even if the tire is in gas shortage or serious lack of gas.

To fundamentally solve the problem of tire safety, Yuanxing guards the riding safety of consumers and leads the industrial upgrading.

As a user who rides an electric vehicle for 100 kilometers every day, takeout kids are extremely eager for a high-quality tire.

Before the challenge, a delivery boy recalled his experience of delivering orders.

It was because the tire leaked halfway that the electric car hit the wheel hub directly when it crossed the pit, and the tire broke off.

As a result, people and the car fell down severely.

Not only did they deduct money for being late, but they also went to the hospital to bandage the wound, causing huge losses.

After experience, Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” not only has stable handling under the more stringent 0 pressure cycling, but also does not shake and unstable even when suddenly driving on the uneven road.

After completing the cycling, the tire is still dry without any sign of flooding.

It can be said that Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” is about to “save” tens of millions of take away kids from unsafe cycling, Enjoy an absolutely high-quality experience.

Of course, not only the takeout kids, Yuanxing “takeout travel expert tire” is also more suitable for the daily cycling life of ordinary consumers.

Compared with ordinary tires, Yuanxing “take away travel expert tires” fundamentally solves the problem of tire safety, and has made new upgrades and breakthroughs in controllability, safety, flexibility and convenience, so as to protect consumers’ riding safety in an all-round way.

The successive success of Yuanxing’s “take away travel expert tire” challenge has also proved with practical actions that “zero pressure” cycling for 100 miles will not break the tire without breaking the lap, giving car owners, electric vehicles and tires a safer riding guarantee.

In conclusion, behind the continuous doubling of Yuanxing tire sales over the years, the industry-leading technical and manufacturing power is a very important support point, but its insistence on building products from user thinking is a crucial endogenous factor.

Through the two rugged road challenges of mountain road and pond, Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire” demonstrates the characteristics of the product with its achievements.

Next, the “0-pressure 100 mile cycling challenge” will continue.

It remains to be seen what highlight moments will be created by Yuanxing “take away travel expert tire”! Sales Hotline: 400-835-1818 service hotline: 400-800-5590..