Prefabricated bamboo and wood pavilion with light intervention — riding post station

The design of riding post station starts from the needs of urban public space life, so as to provide a possibility of public communication while solving the demands of small and micro spaces in public life.

Through the distinct artistic image of its own space, it balances artistry and practicability.

01 the scene of the future community challenges the port new area, which is different from the urban area of Shanghai.

It has a higher and broader international vision at the beginning of the construction of the new city.

In recent years, the development level of port cities has been significantly improved, and a world-class framework of modern new towns has been initially formed: the effect of population agglomeration is obvious, a convenient and efficient transportation network framework has been basically formed, high-quality international urban service functions are basically complete, the construction of digital cities has formed a basic framework, and the regional ecological environment has been further improved, And strive to achieve the full coverage of the “15 minute life service circle” and become the benchmark of urban construction in the future.

As one of the works exhibited in the 2021 Shanghai urban space art season · Lingang sample exhibition, the cycling post station is designed as a spatial experience node to experience the future life style of Lingang, focusing on the “cycling movement” that fits the future lifestyle and spatial characteristics of Lingang.

▲ located at the entrance of sponge Park © Ke Jianbo ▲ parallel to the cycling track © 1.1 reduce carbon emissions – a low-carbon system dominated by bamboo and steel.

One of the goals of Lingang New Area is to cover all aspects of the future life style and the low-carbon system of green city construction.

As one of the nodes of riding shelter station and urban furniture service system, the structural system of riding post station uses steel and wood structure to reduce carbon emissions from the beginning.

Consider low-carbon green construction from the production and processing of main materials, transportation of materials and equipment, construction process and building operation.

▲ field installation of factory prefabricated components © Facing the completed site, the building foundation of the cycling post station is intervened into the site in the way of minimum pavement on the ground, with 200mm I-steel as the foundation and fixed on the ground with 20mm anchor bolts.

Abandon the traditional need to cast large concrete slabs on site as the foundation to reduce the carbon emission generated in the process of construction and material production.

The current site is the completed pavement, which also provides the possibility of realizing concrete free foundation.

▲ small construction interface and light medium ground © Efficient prefabricated buildings are adopted in the construction process of each mu of buildings, and their life cycle can reduce carbon emissions by more than 40%.

It is an important technical path for the construction industry to achieve “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”.

The construction process also has good dust reduction effect, saves water, electricity and other energy, and realizes the original intention of building energy conservation and environmental protection.

▲ cycling post station completed in 60 hours © 畎 1.2 light intervention prefabricated bamboo and wood structure we have been thinking about how to make the building adapt to the city that needs micro renewal, and combine the lightest intervention with the site under the restriction of on-site conditions.

The riding post station is built in the assembly mode with bamboo and wood structure as the main body, and the utilization rate of materials is improved through blanking optimization and component reuse.

▲ bamboo steel body © 畎 Mu building ▲ bamboo steel connection node © Homu architecture 畎 02 project received an invitation from 2021 Shanghai urban space art season to participate in the future community sample exhibition of Lingang New film area.

The exhibitor hopes that the Lingang area will serve as a sample of the “future community” to promote the creation of a 15 minute community life circle more oriented to daily life and build a higher quality public space.

Facing the large-scale new town space in the core area of the new harbor area, we can discuss with the curator that the best way to perceive the harbor is to ride in series through a riding route, and the journey of space perception can be connected through a riding route.

▲ 2021 urban space art season · cycling activities © Among the points provided by the curator, the post station is selected to be placed at the starting point of the riding route of “the land of stars”, which is an important functional node for the focus of line of sight and streamline.

The space goal of the riding post station is to build it into a cohesive public space: people can gather under the eaves of the post station and wait, and people can rest and chat on the seats.

The large overhanging eaves give people a sense of security, tolerance and shelter.

People rest under the eaves, forming a comfortable urban space node.

▲ overhanging eaves © Mu building ▲ side view © 畎 Mu building ▲ select films with different permeability to form the light and shadow effect © Mu building ▲ looking at the sky near the port through the top surface © The second ring road of Lingang New Area, where the Star Park is located, will host road cycling events similar to the tour de France in the future.

Since professional bicycles cannot be parked independently, the post station structure system is adaptively combined with the parking mode of bicycles.

Plug in parking and suspension parking can meet the parking needs of professional and leisure bicycles to the greatest extent, and have little impact on the post station structure.

▲ two docking modes © The distance between the poles of the plug-in parking structure is set to adapt to the bicycle wheels, which can be easily inserted into the parking.

Children can also easily park their bicycles, which can meet the parking needs of nearby residents when there is no need for professional events.

▲ riding post station in use © The suspended bicycle parking mode is suitable for holding professional road bicycle events.

Professional bicycles cannot be parked independently and have small self weight.

They can be hung on the cross bar to realize the storage and parking of a certain number of bicycles.

The suspension cross bar rotates through the combination of bolts and powerful magnets, which can be stored when there are no activities on weekdays.

▲ suspended docking © Mu building ▲ the cycling team of Lingang university town came here with admiration © 畎 Mu building ▲ suspension components that can be rotated © 畎 03 a post station form related to bicycle — the mechanical structure and movement of bicycle in four-dimensional space-time.

Inspired by the trajectory of the wheel..