PP hurts when riding. It has so much to do with it!

Many people have the experience of riding PP pain.

I never thought it was related to the following one.

Let’s talk about it today ~ misunderstanding: suede pad is just a cushion with good cushioning effect.

Reality: suppose you wear a riding suit correctly – if you wear a riding suit, don’t wear underwear.

The suede pad not only supports the sitting bone, but also prevents your skin from becoming inflamed due to moisture caused by sweat and rain.

In addition, it is softer, so your skin is not easy to scratch.

Myth: the thicker the cushion, the better.

Reality: in fact, the ideal thickness of suede cushion depends on your sitting posture on the bicycle.

If you prefer a more upright riding position, find a multi thickness pad with a rear cushion.

If you love a more extended posture, choose a foam pad with a moderate thickness and multiple density.

However, remember that your demand for suede is not constant, which should be adjusted according to your riding habits at different stages.

Myth: suede mat is made of leather.

Reality: before DuPont invented Coolmax in 1986, many cyclists wore riding clothes lined with animal skin.

Riders apply suede cream to keep the lining soft.

Today, although artificial cushions do not need to be done as before, some drivers still use suede cream to prevent the pain caused by the cushion———————————————————— Related types of 3D mats: suede mats designed according to the driver’s bones.

Antibacterial pad: made of silver ions and carbon atoms with antibacterial effect to prevent bacterial infection.

Four way elastic pad: This suede pad can move in any direction and is more flexible when riding.

Moisture absorption and perspiration pad: it adopts technical synthetic fabric, which has a good quick drying effect and keeps you dry.

Multiple density pads: the foam on the cushion is denser in a specific position, basically located under the sciatic bone.

Multiple thickness pad: it is composed of pads of different thickness.

The thicker one is located under the sciatic bone and the thinner one is located at the perineum.

Riders, what kind of suede mat do you usually use? Don’t forget to choose according to your own needs ~ source: Internet (for infringement, please contact wechat: 2478970178) long press the QR code above to get to know more riders ——————– if two QR codes are displayed at the same time, it will be recognized incorrectly..