Post-90s dads ride Tibet with their 4-year-old daughter: what does a “rich” child look like?

Recently, a 94 year old single parent suckling father became angry, and CCTV news and people’s daily praised him one after another.

Because he did a great thing – with his 4-year-old daughter, he spent 71 days riding a bike from Dongguan to Tibet, a total of 4139 kilometers.

yes! They only rely on a bicycle to cross snow mountains, lakes and mountains Went to the Potala Palace, the closest place to heaven.

This baby daddy called Hao Hao, daughter called a pocket, Dad’s voice account “tiktok super baby daddy” on the profile, said: a 94 year uneasy single parent, homemade children’s clothing, deep feeling needle thread into clothes, dream of taking her to a place every year, giving her the world’s star sea.

This is a daily account used to record him and his daughter, as well as their experience of riding to Tibet.

Why do you have a whim to take your daughter to Tibet by bike? Because before his idol Kobe Bryant died, coupled with the outbreak of the epidemic, he realized that things are changeable, and he had better do what he wants to do immediately.

Taking his daughter to see the beauty of the world is not only his wish, but also his 4th Birthday gift for his daughter.

Before departure, a Tao made complete preparations.

He not only had a detailed route strategy, but also made a small windproof, rainproof and dustproof trailer for his pocket.

He said: “I want to take the whole world to see the whole world”.

For my father, my daughter is of course his whole world ~ most parents treat their children as the whole world, like ah Tao, and want to give them a carefree childhood.

Especially in families with daughters, many people say “girls should be rich”, but what is rich? Endless pocket money? An endless big dress? Better living conditions than their peers? In fact, neither.

Material prosperity is only temporary, while spiritual nourishment follows children for a lifetime.

As ah Tao said: enriching your daughter is not material but spiritual.

I may not be able to leave a few houses for my daughter, but I want to leave her the world.

My father will accompany you to explore the memories of the world.

With this educational concept, her daughter had a very happy childhood – under the blue sky and white clouds, the breeze blowing her hair and feeling the beauty of nature.

Maybe many people can’t take their children around the world like him, but the way and concept of educating his daughter is worth learning from.

In today’s article, let’s talk about the things about raising a daughter by ah Tao and Dou Dou! If you have a daughter, please be “rich” in these three things.

It is said that a person’s temperament hides the way he has traveled.

If you have a daughter, please take her out more when she is young to see mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, sun, moon and stars.

This is a process of conquering the world.

Those insurmountable mountains and those endless plains will become part of their body, making them more confident and calm than their peers.

Just like a pocket, I have traveled all over the mountains and rivers under the leadership of my father since childhood.

My personality is sunny and cheerful, and courage and perseverance coexist.

A Tao told the child that Tibet is not far away, but it is a small step in a day, and it can reach 4000 miles.

Along the way, even if I encountered a large upslope, I didn’t flinch.

Dad told toudou: there are no slopes in the world that can’t be climbed.

As long as you go straight ahead, any mountain peak will be crossed.

Someone asked, what is the difference between children who have seen the world? I think it’s probably like this.

Facing the floating bridge of Lancang River, the waves under the bridge are surging and the mountains and rivers are surging.

She strides forward without fear; After climbing the snow capped mountain, she understood the greatness and vastness of nature and had a more awe of all things in the world; Riding and galloping on the grassland, she was intoxicated and did not flinch at all.

It’s better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books.

Enrich children’s horizons, take children to appreciate the magnificent mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and the colorful customs and customs.

I believe they will also have a more poetic life! Rich raise “love”, let her know more about loving herself, and know that there is such a problem: what kind of children will a family lacking love cultivate? One answer is this: a family without love will cultivate people with insufficient internal resources.

The so-called internal resources are a person’s ability to maintain self-awareness and heal himself in the face of pain, pressure and conflict.

In other words, a child who does not receive enough love and attention from his native family is prone to personality defects.

The pine nut in the life of the despised pine nut is a girl who lacks love.

The father gave all his attention and love to Songzi’s sister and ignored her.

Therefore, the adult pine nut has a strong desire for love.

As long as someone gives her a little sweetness, she will rush forward without hesitation, no matter whether the other party deceives her or not.

Finally, she was cheated and abandoned one after another, exhausted physically and mentally, and chose to commit suicide.

Without love from her father, she spent her whole life looking for love to make up for the gap in the emotional field.

So if you have a daughter, please love her well and let her understand that she deserves to be cherished and loved.

There is no need to give up yourself for a small profit.

A girl who has been surrounded by the love of her family since childhood.

She lacks nothing and is not afraid of anything.

Because she knew clearly in her heart that no matter how far she went, her parents’ love would follow.

To enrich your “heart” and enrich yourself with your children, some people often think that the so-called “rich support” is to spend more money.

In fact, this is not the case.

Compared with the rich material life, the spiritual world is more important.

Behind an excellent child, there must be a pair of parents with long-term vision and superb realm.

As Wu Yishu’s mother said, “genius does not exist.

Any excellent child is not a miracle born in the sky, but a cause and effect that can be found..