Police color youth 𞓜 easy to wear helmet when riding today

I wonder if you find that more and more people riding electric vehicles on the road have put on helmets.

Hi! Good luck is full of today’s life.

Electric vehicles have become the most commonly used means of transportation for our daily work and school, which increases the risk of road traffic safety.

The human head is composed of a hard skull and soft intracranial contents, which refer to brain tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrovascular, etc.

The skull forming the skull cavity is vulnerable to damage under the impact of external force due to its lack of elasticity, and its damage degree is directly proportional to the action of external force.

The buffer coefficient of intracranial contents is only about 10%, and it is basically impossible to repair once the injury occurs.

Wearing a helmet correctly can effectively protect our head in case of danger.

Let’s share the correct steps to wear a helmet: 1: open the strap.

2: Place the helmet horizontally on your head and slowly tighten the belt until you feel comfortable.

3: Put the adjusting band under the ear.

4: After adjusting the strap, stick the strap close to your chin.

After completing the above operations, ensure that the helmet does not move more than 1 inch (1 inch = 2.5400 cm) and that the helmet does not fall off before loosening the seat belt.

Precautions for correctly wearing helmet: 1 Frontal protection should be given priority because most runaways and collisions are forward.

The front edge of the helmet should be pressed against the forehead, and the forehead should not be exposed.


Select a helmet of appropriate size or adjust it with pads of different thickness distributed in the helmet to reduce the gap between the head and the helmet body; 3.

Tighten the adjusting knob at the back of the helmet, let the headband exert a certain pressure to tighten the head, and try to turn the helmet left and right with both hands.

It is best that the helmet can not rotate basically.

The above is about the correct way to wear helmets.

Finally, I wish all students a happy and safe holiday.

See you next year-.