Please wear your helmet when riding. Wuyuan traffic police are conducting a thorough investigation!

With the gradual warming of the weather, people travel frequently by motorcycle and electric vehicle, and all kinds of traffic violations are prone and frequent.

In order to further standardize the urban road traffic order, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, and further promote the work of building a national civilized city, the traffic police brigade of Wuyuan County Public Security Bureau has continuously organized and carried out rectification actions for traffic violations of motorcycles and electric vehicles in recent days.

In the rectification action, according to the travel law of motorcycles and electric vehicles, the police adopted the combination of fixed-point inspection and mobile patrol, set up inspection card points in the main road sections and key intersections in the urban area, and strictly investigated traffic violations such as unlicensed and unlicensed, not wearing safety helmets, illegally installing sunshades, running red lights and driving in reverse.

At the same time, the police increased the patrol control of traffic congestion prone points and illegal prone points in the urban area, corrected the minor parking violations of motorcycles and electric vehicles on the spot, persuaded drivers to park in the designated area in an orderly manner as required, and towed away the serious parking violations and punished them in accordance with the law.

During the rectification period, the police on duty always adhered to the combination of education and punishment, and resolutely found, investigated and dealt with serious traffic violations.

Criticize and educate motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers on minor traffic violations, patiently explain the serious harm brought by their illegal acts to the illegal parties, and advocate that everyone consciously abandon bad traffic habits and develop a good habit of safe and civilized travel.

A safe and civilized road traffic environment needs to be jointly maintained by everyone.

Let’s work together from now on and from ourselves to enhance the awareness of civilized traffic.

When driving motorcycles and electric vehicles, please consciously wear safety helmets, take two-wheel lanes, and do not run red lights, wait across the line, drive in the opposite direction, overload, illegally install sunshades, and stop and place vehicles, so as to jointly create a good road traffic environment..