Ouyang Nana doesn’t believe her legs are thick. She learns from Yang Mi to wear riding pants. Fans can’t persuade her

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As the second generation of stars, Ouyang Nana has attracted the attention of many netizens since childhood.

Compared with her sister, Ouyang Nana entered the entertainment industry relatively early.

She was active in the audience’s view as a cellist when she was very young.

Although ranked second in China, people pay more attention to Ouyang Nana than their sisters.

Especially since she began to focus on the film and television industry in 2014, she has attracted the attention of many netizens; Although people have different opinions on her over the years, she also has a high heat flow, which is very famous among the new generation of florets.

Maybe you don’t agree with Ouyang Nana’s acting skills, especially as the second generation of stars, you have higher expectations for her, and Ouyang Nana’s acting strength on the screen obviously can’t meet all her expectations.

However, now Ouyang Nana has participated in many reality shows and variety shows.

With his excellent dual material business, he is still very popular.

In all aspects of performances, the most recognized by netizens is the performance in the field of fashion.

With the flash of the national flag, Ouyang Nana’s fashion clothes have also become the focus of attention.

Ouyang Nana didn’t believe her legs were thick, so she taught yangmi to wear breeches.

Ouyang Nana is a rare star with real clothes in the circle.

All kinds of private costumes are deeply loved by many young girls, but even so, there will inevitably be mistakes.

This set of explosive street clothes shared recently has been despised by many netizens.

I saw her perform in a blue T-shirt and black breeches.

She looked simple and generous, but forgot that her legs were thick.

After wearing it, the two “meat legs” are exposed, which makes many fans very helpless.

Pink tights + jeans in fact, Ouyang Nana’s private dress taste is not inferior, and all kinds of clothes are very unique.

Like this style, it is the most common fashion style, but it is still charming behind it.

The coat is a pink robe, the loose version is very suitable for the body, and the fluorescent yellow printed logo adds a lot of delicacy.

Blue jeans are simple and generous.

With white casual shoes, it looks lovely, aging and full of youthful charm.

The black dress is inconspicuous and elegant.

Ouyang Nana who wears the skirt is also very beautiful.

This time, she looks very low-key and elegant, and looks very literary and artistic against the artistic atmosphere.

The skirt adopts a square retro collar element, the long sleeved skirt version is simple and generous, and the button element adds some highlights to this pure black shape, stepping on a pair of black leather shoes.

Although both legs are naked, they are not fat at all.

They look slim and have no fashion charm.

Long sleeved shirt + pleated skirt although this is also a black appearance, this dress is very different from the previous clothes.

This is a two-piece.

Compared with the elegance of the dress, it is more lively and playful.

The long sleeved jacket is decorated with exquisite embroidery marks on the front of the skirt, which is full of unique highlights; At the bottom, with black pleated skirt, the sense of hierarchy is full of vitality and vitality; The overall appearance is elegant and charming.

Executive summary Ouyang Nana clothing online, although there are sometimes reversals, it is undeniable that she is one of many actresses, even though she has the most stable label of “fashion talent”.

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