Outdoor cycling and fitness should also be scientific!

Outdoor cycling fitness, like flower buds blooming everywhere, decorates the modern city and provides a direction for national fitness anytime and anywhere.

However, outdoor cycling and fitness should also be used scientifically.

We should not only exercise our bones, but also avoid injury and achieve the best of both worlds in order to achieve the purpose of fitness.

The bicycle seat should not be too high and should be elastic to prevent the hips from twisting left and right and reduce local friction.

When cycling, the force of both legs is balanced to prevent one side from being too hard to form a lump.

If the seat is hard, you can buy a soft seat cover to cover the seat.

Another way is to buy professional riding pants.

Correctly adjust the height and angle of the seat, and it is best to just land on your toes.

If the riding time is long, pay attention to changing the riding posture to prevent a certain point of the body from exerting force for a long time.

When riding a bicycle for the first time, don’t go too fast.

The time should not be too long.

Keep adapting and gradually strengthen.

Habitual cycling can expand your heart, otherwise the blood vessels will become thinner and thinner and the heart will degenerate, because in your old age, you will experience the troubles it brings.

Cycling can prevent high blood pressure.

Sometimes it is more effective than drugs.

It can also prevent obesity and hardening of blood vessels.

Cycling makes you don’t have to use drugs to maintain your health.

Adhering to cycling will make you produce strong leg muscles.

Proper cycling can secrete hormones, which is enough to make you open-minded, happy and forget your troubles.

The following will introduce you to several cycling methods for outdoor cycling: 1 The strength type cycling method is to ride hard according to different conditions, such as adjusting the gear size when going uphill or uphill (limited to five speed or ten speed adjustable bicycle).

This method can improve the muscle strength or muscle endurance of both legs.


Core muscle strength cycling method: in the process of cycling, the hips leave the seat, but do not stand straight.

At the same time, the core part (waist and abdomen) exerts force to control the body balance.

This method can train the strength of the core muscle group.


Intermittent cycling method when cycling, first ride at a medium and slow speed for one to two minutes, then ride at a speed of 1.5 to 2 times for two minutes, then ride at a medium and slow speed, and then return to fast.

This alternating cycle exercise can improve the trainer’s adaptability to aerobic exercise.


The method of reducing fat cycling is to cycle at a medium speed.

Generally, you should ride continuously for more than 40 minutes.

At the same time, you should pay attention to regular breathing, which is very effective in reducing fat.


The intensity cycling method first requires that you ride at your limit speed of 60% for five to seven minutes, and then observe your pulse per minute with a heart rate meter to make it within the range of cardiopulmonary function training, so as to achieve the effect of exercising the cardiovascular system.

Tip: 1 Wear professional sports gloves during sports.

One is anti-skid, and the other is to protect your hands after falling.


It is not recommended to carry weight (carry a backpack) for bicycle training.

Bicycle training is mainly the duration of time.

If you ride again with weight, you may hurt your back and lumbar spine.


No matter what, you need to replenish water every 5 to 10 minutes.


Seat position.

When a person stands on the ground, one leg is lifted, and the height when the thigh is parallel to the ground is consistent with the height of the seat.

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