One day independent riding | 30km mountain and sea ride in Dapeng (December 25)

I have seen such a passage in Zhihu: “A person’s riding is lonely after all.

Walking in the countryside, wilderness, desert, and Gobi, this loneliness is accompanied by strength, which urges you to go.

A group of people’s riding is always happy, walking in the city, countryside, and endless greenways, helping each other, and moving forward in a happy mood.” When I first contacted the children’s cycling group, I hated the children’s chattering all the way.

In the cognition of most adult coaches, this not only consumed physical strength and distracted attention, which was not conducive to safety, but also had a certain impact on the implementation of the established curriculum.

So I began to use all my strength to persuade them to stop them.

In this way, the originally happy journey has gradually become a lonely and silent task.

People’s shallow consciousness tends to seek refuge.

It is always more difficult to figure out a way to kill two birds with one stone than to yell.

However, it is not easy to educate children.

Children need you to pay more attention.

In a journey, empathy often determines how far we can go—— Tom “The Road We’ve Been” The impression of Dapeng, a designated camp group that used to run to Dapeng and ride outside, is not very clear.

Like many children, I think that Dapeng is the sea of Shenzhen until we measure Dapeng by riding.

Then we find that Dapeng is a natural backpack.

Dapeng is a landscape painting in Shenzhen.

Dapeng is the track map of reform and opening up.

01 Line express feature 1.

The total length of the ride is 30km, and the strong physical training feature is 210km wetland park, Read about the ecological characteristics of mangroves, 312 km sea side green road, and feel the characteristics of southern coastal customs, 48 km locomotive intervention road.

People say that Shenzhen is developing rapidly in terms of safety and self-protection, which can be seen from Dapeng.

The roc is really like a bird every day.

From the once muddy and wild waves to today’s ten thousand mile green road, the sea and the sky line, all these changes explain the survival of the fittest in nature.

Starting from the water head, we set out along the riding green road toward the sea, passing the Giant Wetland Park, the Geological Museum, the Pearl Island, the Seven Star Bay, and the Orange Fishing Sand at the foot of the Qiniang Mountain, and finally transiting in Yangmeikeng, walking back through the Wetland Park along the main road, where we can feel the complex Wanlibi Road.

If you are not careful, you are close to your teammates but far away.

The whole journey is 30km.

As a first-order two star route, the road is not complicated, and the distance is the biggest challenge.

Harvest in Camp 02 Harvest 1.

The physical stretch of 30km has become a step for most children.

It will be a standard indicator for children to go to the long-term challenge camp, no matter in terms of physical strength, driving skills and psychological state.

Generally speaking, there are 3 nodes for cycling in a day.

30km (independent one-day camp mileage node for cycling), 50km (average one-day cycling mileage node for multi day camp, 80km (recommended maximum one-day cycling mileage limit for teenagers in multi day camp), Harvest 2 natural science riding is not the only purpose.

It is also a way to see the world.

We pass many wetland parks and intertidal zones of Dapeng.

We hope that children can have some knowledge about the sanitation significance of wetland ecology, the magic survival rules of mangrove ecology, and the unknown evolution process of intertidal organisms.

3 The development of rocs in humanities research is the best interpretation of the harmonious coexistence between human footprints and natural ecology.

The dismantled fish steaks, the iterative fishing villages, bridgeheads, docks and greenways all have their own unique stories.

The historical changes at each stop can enrich children’s current brain capacity.

Harvest 4 cycling safety control There are several kilometers of greenways separated from the motorway.

In the long line riding, when we cannot avoid the interference of motor vehicles, in addition to the objective security conditions and measures, our internal security awareness is more important, and how to adapt to such driving sections becomes particularly important.

Therefore, our focus on this route is to join the riding security course: how to adapt to the motor vehicle intervention lane, how to adapt to the coastal riding green road, and how to deal with sudden vehicle, equipment and material failures during long distance riding….

03 Hetang Wetland Park “Hetang Wetland” is located in the upper reaches of Sanxi River, Dapeng New Area, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, covering an area of about 15000 square meters and 3900 square meters of lake water.

Wanlibi Road is crisscrossed here, and we plan to ride for 10km.

In addition to the environmental sanitation value and flood prevention value of wetlands, Hetian Wetland is a proper place for leisure and sightseeing.

Flowers and plants compete in beauty all the year round.

Bird watching houses watch birds stop and herons fly.

Pavilions, bridges and pavilions are inlaid in harmony.

The most suitable way to visit is to ride or stop.

04 The coastal green road, which is more than ten kilometers long, is located along the coastal green road.

It is half mountain, half sea, and unlimited wind control by the sea.

It extends to the sea and reaches Yangmeikeng (the Luzui Mountain Manor pass is under development).

This is the ultimate experience that cannot be obtained in other places in Pengcheng.

Wandering on such boardwalks, we communicate with children about the huge land reclamation project.

The Shenzhen Bay, mangrove trails were still vast oceans and beaches.

Now the Bidao Road used to be rough.

The advantages and disadvantages of land reclamation always have different answers in children’s minds.

Overlooking the hat cloud of Qiniang Mountain, egrets stand on the bare beach leisurely, eagles hover overhead, the sea breeze caresses, and the waves are roaring.

At this moment, even adults can’t help running! 05 Camping process 01 Opening ceremony – equipment explanation – team rules – pre trip training.

02 Team actual combat – queue rest – natural science popularization – track security 03 Road meals and humanities – equipment recycling – lifting and relaxation – camp closing ceremony 06 The cycling camp safety management organization provides brand professional mountain bikes, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, helmets, and logistics maintenance equipment.

The participants are strictly required to wear them effectively and check them in good time..