One car is hard to find. Can trendy cycling activate the sports bike industry?

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Thank you for your support! Source of article: interface news reporter 𞓜 Yibai editor | Shi Yiying’s cycling is becoming a new way of life.

The organizer of a cycling club in Beijing told the interface news: “there are suddenly more new riders.

It is often an old cyclist who brings many of his colleagues or friends.” It is understood that the vast majority of these new cyclists have the need for daily exercise and fitness.

However, due to the epidemic, the sports they used to participate in or the fitness places they often go to cannot continue for the time being, and they choose to ride outdoors to maintain their exercise habits and status.

No matter why you start, a road car is essential.

Therefore, the popularity of cycling as an outdoor lifestyle has driven the bicycle industry which has been silent for a long time.

In the second quarter of 2022, the sales volume of road vehicles continued to rise.

According to the statistics of JD 618 pre-sale data, the overall pre-sale order amount of outdoor equipment of JD sports increased by 71% year-on-year.

The cycling category, including bicycles and road vehicles, is one of the categories with the best sales, and the pre-sale order volume of the entire cycling category increased by 240% year-on-year.

Among them, the pre-sale order amount of the cycling brand Xidesheng flagship store increased by 307% year-on-year.

With the sharp increase in the number of cyclists, bicycles have become a hot commodity in the short term.

The previous Dragon Boat Festival holiday coincided with world bicycle day, and many stores were hard to find a car.

Biking fitness: when outdoor becomes a lifestyle, biking is only one of the choices for outdoor fitness.

Like hiking, long-distance running and mountaineering, biking also has its own circle, including cycling clubs, event organizers, routes and related apps.

As an outdoor lifestyle, cycling has a relatively clear definition: it is a fitness activity mainly carried out by road vehicles in some appropriate sections of the urban or suburban areas.

The distance ranges from tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, and the riding time is mostly more than twoorthree hours.

In fact, the consumption threshold of road bicycles is not low: the entry-level models are priced at 2000-3000 yuan, while models above 5000 yuan are the mainstream consumption range, of which 5000-8000 yuan are the most popular, while 10000-15000 yuan are the most popular.

The model with a gear of 10000 yuan is the first choice for many riders to “achieve the goal in one step”.

However, due to the original limited inventory and insufficient production capacity of new cars, many stores in Beijing have no cars to sell, so it is difficult to find one car.

On the second-hand platform, you can see that many riders are in urgent demand.

As a result, the price of some “online Red” and “must pay” used cars is higher than that of new cars.

It’s not a joke that the car I bought before can still be sold at a higher price after riding for several months.

When a certain sport becomes a fashionable lifestyle, and people continue to share the fun and fitness effects of riding, it is not only outdoor riding that is on fire, but also home riding.

In the epidemic era, home-based fitness is the mainstream fitness method.

However, in addition to free hand exercise, if you want to use equipment, compared with treadmills and rowing machines, spinning bikes occupy a smaller area and have more flexible space requirements.

According to JD 618 pre-sale data, the overall pre-sale order amount of family fitness equipment increased by more than 100% year-on-year, of which the pre-sale order amount of spinning bike category increased by 174% year-on-year.

In the category of spinning bikes on the 618 tmall and platforms, keep sales ranked first.

Among them, the sales of a popular model for one hour exceeded that of the whole day on June 1 last year, and the sales of tmall for four hours exceeded 5500, with the sales exceeding 6.2 million.

Demand explosion: the rise of minority sports bike brands in fact, the growth of some audiences who want to achieve fitness through cycling, whether outdoors or at home, is just that potential groups in the past have been more transformed into real participants.

However, what really makes the riding fire out of the circle is the change of people’s travel mode under the influence of the epidemic in the past six months.

Under the epidemic prevention and control system, part of the urban public transport system has been abandoned or shut down, and travel in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai is not as convenient as before.

Many interviewees said that taking into account that the means of transportation to be taken is in an outdoor non enclosed space as far as possible, and to reduce the intensive contact of people, commuting by bike is the only choice.

In addition, it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and can exercise properly.

Interface news learned from several bicycle stores in Beijing that the number of consumers who bought bicycles to commute has increased significantly in the past two months.

The salesperson said, “the sales volume of the most common type of cars increased the most significantly, probably more than 20% over the same period last year.” These consumer groups have no extreme requirements for the type and performance of vehicles.

They pay more attention to practicality and cost performance.

The 1000-3000 price range is the main model.

The riding distance is usually within 90 minutes.

While commuting to and from work, it can also be used for outdoor sports and fitness occasionally after work or on rest days.

It is the surge in the number of these groups that has led to the expansion of the basic population of urban cycling, forming a unique scene of prosperity in both urban and suburban cycling.

In addition to fitness and commuting, as well as the popularity of any sports lifestyle, fashion and social networking are “sharp tools” to capture young people.

A folding bicycle called “little cloth” became popular unexpectedly and became a trend item in the fashionable life of young people.

“Xiaobu” is the most famous folding bike brand in the UK, Brompton.

It has searched for relevant terms on the little red book app and has more than 20000 notes.

At first, young people just shared a state of slow life in the city on social networks: riding a Brompton to the coffee shop on the corner, and having afternoon tea with friends..