“Nursing mode” is ongoing! This must be done when riding an electric car to pick up and send children

How much did you expect for the holidays at the beginning? Now, how much do you expect to return to school? The bell has been ringing at the school gate one after another to reappear the youthful figure of the students, as well as the long lost “Hello, campus!” It is natural for students to return to school after school.

I believe that teachers, students and parents can see millet appearing frequently at the gate of each university.

After all, it is our duty to ensure that teachers and students enjoy a safe, smooth and harmonious road traffic environment! 1.

Organize vehicles to stop and go within the safe area.


Remind parents who ride electric vehicles to send their children to school to wear helmets when traveling.


It is the responsibility of Maize to escort students to get on and off the bus and safely cross the road to ensure the traffic safety of students.

But it is also the obligation of every parent.

Are you right to wear helmets for parents who ride bicycles to pick up their children to and from school? Shenzhen traffic police continued to open the “nursing mode” and checked the wearing of helmets by parents riding electric vehicles to pick up their children at the gate of the school and the surrounding roads.

Parents and students should note that those who do not wear safety helmets will be stopped by millet on the spot.

Oh, helmets should be worn well.

It is not a treasure to wear helmets.

Please wear helmets well when you ride with helmets.

Put helmets in the basket in front of the car or hang them on the car body! no that ‘s ok! ❌❌❌ Wearing helmets is not to deal with traffic police, but to ensure their own safety and firmly hold life safety in their own hands.

In addition, when riding an electric bicycle to pick up children, they also need to do the following ▼ refuse the wrong way of riding: 1.

No umbrella, no sunshade; 2 do not let the child stand on the pedal or sit in the opposite direction.

In addition to millet, there is a group of people who wear uniform waistcoats Hold a safety flag to assist the on-site police on duty to guide the flow of people and vehicles, guide students to cross the road orderly and maintain the on-site traffic order.

They are “home school police” The parents’ volunteers of the traffic safety convoy who participate in the work of home and school police not only have good safety awareness, but also actively participate in the traffic safety activities carried out by the Shenzhen traffic police to make every effort to do a good job of campus convoy.

Traffic safety depends on everyone’s joint maintenance.

Please teach your parents by example.

Whether you drive or ride, you should consciously abide by the traffic regulations The peak of civilized travel at the beginning of school is still continuing.

Millet also reminds you that in order to ensure road traffic safety and order, it is recommended that drivers comply with traffic regulations and travel off peak..