[Notice] November 13 (Sunday): Riding the new countryside Jiusheng Village, Touqiao Town

Activity organization: Xu Buzhou (Secretary General of the Cycling Association of Guangling District) 18252713728 In 2020, the Association contacted with Mayor Liu of Touqiao Town to organize an activity of riding in Jiusheng Village, and everyone saw the changes in the new countryside.

This activity was again strongly supported by Mayor Xu, Minister Feng of the Publicity Department, and Secretary Zhang of Jiusheng Village, and arranged reception and explanation, providing supply services.

[Organization] Vice President of Yangzhou Cycling Association, Minister Xu: Tel: 18252713728 [Activity Driving] Kong Aiguo [On the way Guarantee] Xiyuan 13004308881 [Activity Time] On November 13 (Sunday) [Assembly Time], depart punctually at 7:30 a.m.

[Assembly Place] Qujiang Park Square [Cycling Intensity] Leisure Cycling [Cycling Mileage] Total mileage: 80km [Cycling Route] Qujiang Park – Shawan Road – Sanjiangying – Rainbow Road 1 – Shatou Ecological Park to return to Yangzhou.

[Precautions] 1: It is recommended to wear long sleeved cycling clothes, thin coats, cycling hats and gloves! 2: Bring sufficient drinking water and dry food.

3: Obey the traffic rules! Remember not to run the red light, and be conceited about your safety! 4: If possible, welcome to bring the repair tools.

5: Take the spare tire.

If you have a selfless person to replace the tire, please say thank you to him! 6: Each ride is a non-profit activity, and AA system will be implemented in case of road meals! 7: The ride organizer, leader and all riders are non professionals, and they bear each other’s risks on the ride! 8: No littering on the way to promote environmental protection! 9: Obey the organizer’s management and have a sense of teamwork! (The activity will be cancelled automatically in case of rain) If you want to know the dynamics of various bicycle associations in Yangzhou as soon as possible,.