Ningbo People’s cycling emission reduction exceeded 2016 tons last year, which is equivalent to more than 110000 trees in total!

Zi Xun Zao breakfast on January 28, 2022, Ningbo [Ningbo People’s cycling emission reduction exceeded 2016 tons last year, equivalent to more than 110000 trees in total!] Recently, hello travel released the 2021 Ningbo shared two rounds of travel data report.

The report shows that by the end of 2021, the annual cumulative riding emission reduction of Ningbo users served by Hello sharing two rounds of travel had exceeded 2016 tons.

In terms of age distribution structure, among the users of Hello travel in Ningbo, the proportion of male users is more than 60%, and the proportion of female users is close to 40%.

The report shows that using shared bicycles in morning and evening peak has become one of the most popular choices for Ningbo citizens, with morning and evening peak cycling accounting for more than 42% of the total.

According to the “2021 Ningbo shared two rounds of travel data report” of Hello travel, the cumulative riding emission reduction of users in Ningbo exceeds 2016 tons.

According to the 17900g carbon emission of ant forest, one tree can be planted, which is equivalent to planting more than 110000 trees in ant forest.

Two rounds of travel has become the first choice for citizens to travel in a low-carbon way.

In addition, Ningbo’s most Hello loving citizens can ride more than 26 kilometers at a single time in 2021, which takes nearly 3 hours.

They can experience urban slow traffic travel on two rounds and feel a green and low-carbon lifestyle.

[during the nine days of the Spring Festival transportation, the city’s external passenger traffic volume was 1.136 million person times] the reporter learned from the municipal Spring Festival Transportation office that from January 17 to January 25, the city’s external passenger traffic volume was 1.136 million person times, an increase of 17.39% over the same period of the Spring Festival transportation in 2021, and the city’s expressway import and export flow was 6.5559 million vehicle times, an increase of 15.55% over the same period of the spring transportation in 2021.

Meanwhile, relevant people from the railway department said that on January 27 and 28, Ningbo railway station will usher in the peak travel of passengers before the festival.

Among them, more than 43000 passengers are expected to be sent on the 27th, an increase of 46.8% year-on-year in 2021; On the 28th, 41000 passengers were sent, a year-on-year increase of 44%.

From the 28th, the number of long-distance ordinary speed train passengers has slowed down, but the medium and short-distance high-speed railway EMUs began to enter the peak.

[during the Spring Festival holiday, Ningbo library will be open as usual] less than a week before the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger.

The reporter learned recently that during the Spring Festival holiday, Ningbo library will continue to provide borrowing services for the general public and readers, but the opening hours will be adjusted.

It will be open for half a day in the morning on New Year’s Eve (January 31) and half a day in the afternoon from the first day to the third day of the first day of the Lunar New Year (February 1 to February 3), All day long, the readers can resume their full day opening.

Readers can confirm the time in advance and re-enter the library after making an appointment on the WeChat official account of the Ningbo library.

After watching the video and watching the Northeast market, I believe the end of the universe is Tieling.

Watching China [the big data report of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger] the big data report of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger is freshly released.

The popularity of the local new year is five times that of last year.

Most netizens choose to make up for the lack of being able to go home for the new year by shopping online and sending red envelopes on their mobile phones.

The three northeastern provinces prefer to cook New Year’s Eve dinner at home.

Boiled white meat with pickled cabbage, stewed mushrooms with chicken and garlic elbow are their favorite dishes; Crashing, movies, short trips and learning have become new year activities.

[wechat update, circle of friends can send 20 pictures] yesterday, the official version of IOS wechat 8.0.18 of Apple system ushered in an update.

Sending circle of friends can support the selection of 20 pictures, up from the previous limit of 9 pictures.

If the number of pictures exceeds 9, the system will prompt that it needs to be made into a video before publishing.

Wechat also launched the new year red envelope function.

After receiving the red envelope, users can also set the red envelope blessing language to wechat status.

After setting, a wechat little tiger will be displayed on the dialogue page.

[teachers and students of Yangmei draw “fantasy journey to the west”] recently, the computer version of dream journey to the West invited teachers and students of the Central Academy of fine arts to draw a huge picture scroll of the opening year of Yangmei – the “computer version of dream journey to the west” in the style of Tang tricolor.

Inspired by the tri colored glaze of the Tang Dynasty and referring to the composition of the painting 87 immortal scroll of the Tang Dynasty, the scroll has a total length of an amazing 105 meters and lasted 500 hours, which was completed by 100 teachers and students.

Yangmei teachers and students contribute to the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage in the way of Tang Tri Color style combined with hand painting, hoping to drive more young people to protect intangible cultural heritage through innovative ways! [nearly 30-year-old son unmarried, 55 year old father drinking medicine to commit suicide] on January 22, a middle-aged man walked to the armed police post on duty in the South Square of Shanghai railway station, said he had drunk pesticide and handed a suicide note to the armed police soldier.

After that, he fell to the ground and couldn’t stand up.

The armed police immediately contacted 120 and sent him to hospital for treatment.

It is understood that the man, 55, came to see his son working in Shanghai years ago.

He was disappointed that his son was nearly 30 years old and didn’t get married, so he couldn’t think of it for a moment.

After seeing the armed police post, the man wanted the armed police to give the suicide note to his family, so the first scene happened.

Due to timely medical treatment, the man has been out of danger and is still in hospital for further treatment.

[students visit private museums and smash cultural relics] recently, a netizen sent a video saying that the child participated in the off campus winter camp and visited a museum for free.

As a result, the child accidentally broke a cultural relics worth 1.3 million when touching the exhibits and was asked for compensation.

On January 25, the Beijing Youth Daily reported that the preliminary result of the tripartite mediation between the museum, parents and winter camp training institutions is that the training institutions should bear 60% of the responsibility and the parents should bear 40% of the responsibility, but both sides believe that their proportion is too high.

On the 26th, suspected museum staff @ Pian Jiangzhou_ Microblogging said, “I am fully responsible for my remarks, because from the beginning of the incident to now, I am the only on-site witness and experiencer in the whole process, and I assist the curator and the police to follow up the matter..