Nine reasons for riding!

You don’t need a reason to ride.

If you don’t want to ride, you need to find a reason for not riding.

1、 Give the boring life a little healthy fun Home – bus station – company, bed – car seat – office desk.

Such an unchanging life is easy to make people feel bored.

At this time, the best way to eliminate the psychological haze is to have fun for yourself.

Nightclubs? video game? Of course not.

You need to ride more healthily, such as cycling.

2、 Cycling can make you look less lonely.

This is a common embarrassment in modern life.

What you want to do is eat and sleep; There are more meaningful activities on the toilet, such as travel, such as playing basketball, but no one can accompany you.

At this time, you can only ride a bike without being accompanied by others, and you won’t look very lonely.

3、 Give yourself a sense of achievement that can be achieved.

Life like opening a single cycle needs some stimulation of the sense of achievement to be less decadent.

You may have little chance to achieve the small goal of “earning him 100 million”.

However, such goals as “riding him for 200K” are not unattainable.

4、 Find an innocuous roast to vent.

There are always a lot of distractions in life.

These things don’t make you call the police, and you can’t vent to your BOSS or innocent passers-by.

At this time, cycling is a good choice! The wild road of cheating father, the begging wind…

You can complain about it any way you want, at least it doesn’t hurt.

5、 What are you afraid of if you persist in cycling? If cycling makes you feel painful and unbearable.

Then consider from another angle: even riding a bicycle, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, capital consuming, boring and painful, can you persist.

What else is worth fearing or unable to persist? 6、 All the time wasted on cycling is worthwhile.

You think cycling is a waste of time.

Isn’t it a waste of time to play with your mobile phone and watch the same eight o’clock dog blood drama? At least, cycling can make you have a healthier body, a better body shape, a better attitude, and a wider circle of friends.

7、 When you refuse to ride a bike, you can refuse to ride a bike.

However, when you refuse to ride a bike, you cannot change the fact that others are trying to ride a bike.

Don’t be jealous when you see others become more slim and stylish because of cycling, or win countless medals because of the show in the circle of friends! 8、 The competition can bring you more than just medals.

You want to find yourself a motivation to persist in training.

The best way is to sign up for an unusual cycling event.

Even if you know a 100k level rookie, you will continue to work hard to make yourself run faster and farther for a race.

In the end, you will find that in this process, you have gained more than a medal.

9、 You don’t have to envy the ox people in the ox man cycling circle.

However, you don’t need to envy them.

As long as you keep riding, you can become an admirable experienced person even if you can’t become a great god or ox man.

The article is adapted from cycling..