Night riding statistician: this rumor is not true! “Bull market flagman” rises in a straight line

News surface 1.

Goldman Sachs revised the Fed’s forecast for raising interest rates, including raising interest rates by 75 basis points in June and July.

Well, we also talked about this issue before the US stock market plummeted.

If the US stock market fell for several days, the impact on a shares will be greater and greater.

The current situation of a shares is that there is no panic in the market funds, so they have fallen more.

After all, some funds are willing to copy the bottom, so they have not fallen much every day.

It is unlikely that there will be a sharp fall This afternoon, it was also fished up.

The funds in the floor were surging to buy the bottom, and Everbright Securities was limited again.

This is an exaggeration.

Another thing is that it has not been a few days since US stocks raised interest rates in June If the interest rate is raised on the 16th, the short-term decline of US stocks will take two days.

After the addition, short-term profit may be exhausted.

Therefore, the maximum short-term pressure of a shares is in these days.


The data of the first 10 days of June came out.

According to the statistics of securities companies, the year-on-year decline of new houses is slightly better than that in May, but it is still at the level of year-on-year decline of 50%.

To be honest, this recovery is too bad If this level is maintained in the second half of the year, many things will be in great trouble.

It is estimated that the market still needs to bet on further RRR and interest rate cuts.


Citic securities issued a research report on BYD’s target price of 481.1 yuan, and the shareholders panicked at once.

The main reason is that the past few research reports have directly rounded out several bull stocks What a king of opposites.

It is estimated that today’s market on the disk is beyond the expectation of many people.

In the disk, the CSRC refuted the news that the media reported that ‘the CSRC requires foreign investment banks to report the details of executive compensation and proposes not to give excessive compensation to executives’.

The person in charge of relevant departments of the CSRC said that the report was untrue, and the CSRC, relevant securities regulatory bureaus and industry associations had not held the above meeting.

The person in charge of the relevant department of the CSRC said that in recent years, the CSRC has approved 11 foreign-funded holding securities fund companies, and the overall operation and development of institutions in China is in good condition.

The CSRC has unified supervision according to laws and regulations, and fully respects the autonomy of institutions’ operation and decision-making.

Affected by this news, the previously weak A-shares started to move across the board, the market continued to rise from the low point, the securities sector rose in a straight line, and Everbright Securities realized the 5-day 4-day limit.

CAIDA securities, Hongta securities, China CITIC construction investment and Great Wall Securities rose by the daily limit.

At the same time, the sharp rise of the brokerage sector also led to the abnormal rise of bank stocks.

The straight-line rise of the brokerage also activated the popularity of the market, and the index turned from weak to strong.

Today’s large lifting probability has effectively broken through the early box platform formed from mid March to late April.

This has obvious guiding significance for the market.

The securities sector has already crossed the previous pressure zone through this positive line.

However, there may be a shock tomorrow.

Step back to confirm the effectiveness of the breakthrough.

If the securities continue to work tomorrow, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will easily break through 3300.

But we should also have psychological preparation.

The higher the pressure, the greater the pressure, and the greater the pressure, the greater the range of dishwashing may be! From the technical point of view of the future market research and judgment, we previously made it clear that the probability of the market bottoming out is high.

At present, it is in line with the prediction.

Moreover, the 15 minute second buy structure has been established.

There is a support level near 3210.

If the decline stops near the support level, a 15 minute second buy structure will be formed.

We said that once this structure is formed, it is an opportunity to increase positions.

In fact, the second buy structure was formed on Tuesday afternoon.

At present, the strong pressure level of the market is still around 3300.

I expect it can break through this time, but the probability of falling back after breaking through is high.

Now we should not easily think that the index will continue to rise, because June is a volatile month, so we are very tangled.

The current strong pressure level is around 3330, and the support level refers to 3250.

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