Night Riding Statistician: How can I get there on Tuesday when foreign investors buy too much?

News [Jianlong Wena: There may be a risk of slowing down the growth of market demand for oxygen producing molecular sieve products] Jianlong Wena released an announcement on stock price changes.

In the future, with the gradual easing of the COVID-19 in the world, and the existence of a certain service life of molecular sieve oxygen generators, there may be a risk of slowing down the growth of market demand for the company’s oxygen producing molecular sieve products.

In the early stage, the company’s demand for oxygen production equipment grew rapidly due to the COVID-19, and the sales scale of oxygen production molecular sieve increased significantly from 2019 to 2021.

[Huatong Shares: pig sales revenue in October was 283 million yuan, down 6.84% month on month] Huatong Shares announced in the evening of November 14 that in October, the company sold 119914 pigs (including 40170 piglets), down 7.99% month on month and up 1379.87% year on year; The company’s pig sales revenue was 283 million yuan, down 6.84% month on month and up 2200.55% year on year; The average selling price of commercial pigs was 27.29 yuan/kg, up 12.49% from September.

[Sanlianban Fantasy Pharmaceutical prompts risks: the sales revenue of “Fantasy” brand Reyanning Granules accounts for no more than 0.06%] Fantasy Pharmaceutical issued a risk advisory.

The company paid attention to the relevant reports of Reyanning Mixture, and after verification, neither the company nor its subsidiaries obtained the approval number for the production of the drug.

“Miracle” brand Reyanning Granules is a product produced and sold by Hunan Zhengqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

under the brand authorization of Chongqing Miracle Kangzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Miracle Pharmaceutical; Up to now, the sales revenue of this product within the year is less than 1 million yuan, accounting for no more than 0.06% of the company’s current operating revenue; The gross profit contribution to the company in the current year is less than 100000 yuan, accounting for no more than 0.18% of the company’s current net profit.

[The air ticket booking between China and Qatar reached the peak within the year 3 days before the World Cup opening] This Sunday, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will begin.

With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, the domestic tourism market will also set off a round of “World Cup” fever.

Ctrip data shows that since November, the number of air tickets booked from China to Qatar has reached the peak since the outbreak of the epidemic.

As of November 11, the number of air tickets booked from China to Qatar, which took off from November 20 to December 18, has increased by more than 28 times compared with the same period in 2021, and the average price of air tickets has decreased by 37% compared with the same period in 2021.

In terms of departure time, the number of flights booked from China to Qatar, which took off on November 17, reached the peak in the year.

(Interface) Although the prevention and control policies were adjusted, the market was most worried about the medical bank run, which was reflected in the news of Shijiazhuang that was brushed on the screen today.

After the day, Shijiazhuang ZF also came out to dispel the rumors.

On the plate, the Chinese medicine plate set off a rising tide, which led to a resurgence of the medicine plate, which fell sharply on Friday.

On the news side, the first batch of “inhaled COVID-19 vaccine” vaccination was carried out in Hangzhou.

We must pay attention that the pharmaceutical stocks are not in the style of N consecutive trading limits.

Most stocks will adjust their height “near the three trading limits”.

Some are fried plates in the pan, some are single day adjustments, and some are multi day adjustments.

Different stocks adopt different ways.

In any case, the style of the medicine sector is to stir fry slowly, which will benefit more from the authenticity.

In the afternoon, after the weak shock of the index, it suddenly started the downward trend of unilateral diving.

The main reason for the accelerated diving of the index was the flash crash of the high-quality track.

Today, the new energy sector became the main force of the sharp decline, and the photovoltaic sector also joined the force of making up the decline, among which Junda shares hit the limit.

In fact, from the basic point of view, the prosperity of these track stocks is still very good.

Although the prosperity of these industries is still there, the margin has a downward trend, so it has been realized.

In fact, the amount of energy is enough.

In terms of form, it is ugly.

It is not a continuous purchase of 16.6 billion yuan from the north.

It is estimated that it has fallen.

The market has changed very quickly.

The worst thing is that they entered the track in the morning.

Without the participation of small and medium-sized stocks, it is not reliable to rely solely on the weight stocks to drive the index up, and it is difficult for the weight stocks to withstand.

It basically conforms to the confirmation of my weekend, and we need to be cautious this week.

From the perspective of technology, the market opened higher and moved lower when the periphery rose sharply, and there were many 5-minute level deviations in the market.

However, this minor level deviation was repaired by the sideways movement, which was considered a strong adjustment.

However, it could not be adjusted on Tuesday, and it must be raised.

If it was adjusted, it would form a 60 minute level deviation.

Once it was adjusted, the range would be larger, so Tuesday was a change inventory, If it is adjusted downward, it basically moves towards the gap near 3050.

The current pressure is still around 3120.

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