Night riders (outside the Tieqi magazine) January 21

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Xzf: when did no one pay attention to lithium? Niuniu: the price of lithium ore has been rising to a new high.

Why did lithium resource stocks not reach a new high, but have fallen recently? A: the above two questions are highly relevant and should be answered comprehensively and uniformly.

It takes a process from no one cares, to smart funds with a keen sense of smell, to new arrivals, to the roar of voices.

New energy concept, this process has gone through 2-3 years.

Personal experience, full cooling, also requires at least 1-2 years in years.

Moreover, in this process, if new good news such as “the country has new stimulus policies”, “enterprises have bright performance” and “the industry has better technological breakthroughs” appear, there will even be another wave of market.

Lithium ore prices continue to rise to new highs, but on the other hand, the performance growth rate of related stocks has declined, and the valuation remains high and the performance base is very high.

In case of market correction, it is naturally difficult to support.

Baked cake Dad: 1.

Since the 128 mention of real estate outside the magazine, real estate has increased a lot.

Will the stable policy still support the upward trend of the real estate sector in the future? 2.

Is the husband stock index mentioned outside the magazine Hong Kong stocks? So is it big ticket that leads the A-share real estate sector? After all, big ticket is easier to stabilize the index.

A: 1.

I personally believe that the favorable support of the policy has been released, and further positive performance is needed to relay in the next step.

If the performance is not as good as the policy, the continuous rise is worrying.

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