Night Rider: what are the risks in the Black Thursday market?

News 1.

There was a wave of adjustment in the market today, and Ningde led the gem to fall.

However, this adjustment is also a technical adjustment in the disk, which will soon end.

It is said that Ningde’s performance in the second quarter is still very poor, which is worse than expected.

Today, some researchers made comments to counterattack In fact, I think it’s normal for the second quarter to be poor.

Most companies’ performance is very poor, just to see if it is worse than expected.

Attached are the comments of securities companies.

Tianfeng Power News: the brief comment of Ningde times is still a rumor about the performance of the second quarter.

We speculate that this ghost story is about the market expectation of 23=4billion – suspense futures 17.

This fabricated story is boring and far from the fundamentals.

Recently, the company is busy with fixed growth and has no intention to fight back against these rumors.

We believe that more attention should be paid to fundamentals.

At the sector level, the performance elasticity of the battery sector next year comes from supply chain management, and the valuation elasticity comes from new technologies.

At the company level – profit – it is expected that in the second quarter, the sales price will be +14-15% month on month and the cost will be +10% (market conditions), and the gross profit margin will increase by 4-5%.

However, the cost side company will depress the price on the material side, and the gross profit margin is still expected to increase better than this; New technologies such as fast charging and the third generation CTP are expected to contribute excess returns in the future.


Today, various A-shares are shipped with favorable conditions.

The State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information of domestic online games in June, and a total of 60 games were approved.

This time it was not issued in May, but it was issued in June.

After a month, it was finally issued.

In fact, this incident was a bit unexpected.

The market originally thought that the release time would be irregular again.

As a result, it occurred normally in June.

That may may be the outbreak disturbance.

As a result, Hong Kong Game stocks rose sharply, such as station B, heart company and IgG.

A-share game stocks generally opened higher and went lower Seeing the positive selling is already an instinctive behavior of a shares According to the comments of the securities companies, the distribution was suspended in May or was disturbed by the epidemic situation.

It is hoped that the monthly distribution of the game version will be resumed.

In April 2022, the first round of distribution of the game version will be resumed, but the distribution stopped in May and was not issued in January, raising concerns about the irregular distribution of the game version.

However, we believe that the suspension of the edition in May is a short-term disturbance of the epidemic situation.

The order of high-quality domestic games + going to sea has been established.

It is expected that the edition will be released on a monthly basis in June and after.

Meanwhile, compared with April, the number and quality of games approved in June increased to 60, and the proportion of medium and heavy games increased.

On the disk today, the two cities generally went out of a V-shaped trend of bottoming and rebound.

Driven by the rise of Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, the Shanghai stock index continued to stand above 3250 points.

The consumption, finance, cycle and other weights were significantly driven by the rotation.

The gem had a large amplitude, and the bottoming and rebound effect was obvious.

The intraday bottoming and rebound of lithium and other weight indicators led to the bottoming and rebound of the index.

On the whole, the rotation of weight indicators was alternating, Individual stocks rose by 0.68%, Shenzhen Composite Index rose by 0.82% and growth enterprise market index rose by 0.85% as of the close.

A total of 1101.3 billion shares were traded in the two markets, slightly larger than yesterday, breaking trillion for three consecutive days.

From a technical point of view, the market rallied and fell back to form a 15 minute top deviation, which led to a dive, but then pulled up again.

Therefore, this adjustment is an intra day adjustment, which can also be said to be a shock around the 5-minute level center.

I said earlier that this position had better be shaken for 2-3 trading days to digest the profit, and the market can not be ended for a while, However, if you go too fast and continue to close to 3300 points, it is easy to form a 5-minute level central reverse.

This signal may peak as soon as the market starts.

Therefore, adjustment is a good thing.

I expect there will be adjustment in the session on Black Thursday.

Cyclists hope that everyone can develop the good habit of reading and looking good.

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