Night Rider: Something big will happen tonight!

Message 1.

Today, there is a news that has greatly affected the market.

On September 20 local time, the self established “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR) and “Lugansk People’s Republic” (LPR) announced that they would hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation from September 23 to 27.

This is the general mobilization.

After the referendum is passed, the conscripts can fight in the legal principle.

It probably means that the Russian stock market has fallen sharply, and the market thinks that the conflict behind will be more intense.

Well, at 2:00 this afternoon, Putin just delivered a TV speech to mobilize the whole people.

In fact, I think it’s a little late for this mobilization.

It takes time for new recruits to be recruited for training, and now sophisticated equipment and logistics are lacking.

The biggest significance of this may be that we can put all the reserve forces, such as volunteers, into service.


Today’s A-share market, I think there seems to be protection funds coming in, and today’s real estate stocks seem to be protection.

At present, the trading volume is constantly declining, so protecting the market is actually to prevent the trend decline of the market, at least in this opportunity to stabilize and slow down.

Tencent has fallen below 290 unconsciously, which is too tragic.

This week, let’s look at the interest rate increase of the Federal Reserve in the early morning of the 22nd.

After the official interest rate increase of 75BP, it is estimated that there will be a negative effect in the short term.

That is, tomorrow, if there is a negative trend, there may be a rebound.

In fact, it rebounded this afternoon, and I think there is already funds to play this amount in advance.

I think the probability is quite high because it has been like this for several times recently.

However, the recent rebound of all kinds of bad things has affected several days.

What should we do later.


In response to the statement that “the top stream fund manager surnamed Cai lost contact” spread on the Internet a few days ago, Noan Fund officially responded at noon on the 21st that Cai Songsong, the fund manager of our company, is currently on vacation, and the related products under his management are operating normally.

The market is not good.

All the rumors have come out.


The following table shows the economists’ survey (median) conducted by Bloomberg from September 9 to 14.

Not all the replies include the CPI data of August, so it may be low.

The recent agency forecasts are more biased towards 4.5%.

Obviously, the market’s expectations of federal funds and inflation point are still rising.


VR brand PICO officially announced that it would hold a global new product launch on September 22 and a domestic new product launch on September 27 through its official account.

This is the first product launched by Pico after it joined ByteDance, so it has also attracted attention from all walks of life.

At present, the new product pico4 has been pre sold on tmall,, Tiktok and other major e-commerce platforms.

This brand has done very well in domestic VR, so you can pay attention to it.

On the market, the boots were raised by the Federal Reserve in the middle of the month when they landed tonight, causing losses for A-share investors.

The boots that attracted worldwide attention tonight will finally come to fruition.

If the interest rate is raised by 75 basis points, it is expected.

If the interest rate is raised by 100 basis points, it cannot be regarded as bad news.

Because this time, the domestic capital chose to fall ahead of the fall, it is worried that 75 basis points will not stop.

No matter how many boots are added, they will finally come to fruition, A shares will have a short respite.

But don’t be too optimistic, because next week is the last week before the festival, and domestic capital will only focus on maintaining stability.

Today, there is a rumor that a preparatory meeting for Chip4 will be held next week.

This meeting is also the Chip4 alliance promoted by Old Miley, which aims to hinder our semiconductor industry and protect its local giant Intel.

Today, a lot of preemptive funds came out first.

There were trading limit stocks in several sectors, and the commercial retail sector’s Renrenle surged again to hit the third board! Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission said that it was speeding up the research and introduction of policies and measures to promote the rapid recovery of consumption.

Shanghai, Hainan and other places announced that they would issue a new round of consumer bonds, covering around the National Day Golden Week.

The shipping concept of China Merchants Nanyou and China Long Airlines Phoenix both rose by the limit.

On the news side, due to the strong shipping demand, the Baltic dry bulk freight index rose sharply 11.3% on Tuesday, reaching a high of more than one and a half months.

The big logic of oil transportation is that factors such as Russia and Ukraine have led to the lengthening of oil transportation distance in the medium term.

The lengthening of transportation distance means that the actual transportation demand has increased in a disguised way.

At the same time, each winter is a seasonal peak season for oil transportation.

According to the observation of oil transportation indexes (BDTI, BDCI) in the past 10 years, the seasonal main rise of the index often starts from the end of August to November.

Now it has entered this time window, and the global crude oil inventory is at a very low level this year, The price rise is more flexible in the peak oil transportation season.

In the sodium ion battery sector, Weike Technology, Fengshan Group, Haitian Shares, Chuanyi Technology and other shares rose by the limit.

Among them, Chuanyi Technology’s share price hit a new record high.

It is understood that among the sodium ion batteries that Ningde Times is expected to put into production next year, there are both sodium ion power batteries for electric vehicles and sodium ion energy storage batteries for energy storage power stations.

The price of lithium ore continues to rise, and the cost of lithium battery will also increase significantly, which is bound to bring pressure to the industrial chain, thus urging enterprises to seek new material systems, and the replacement logic of sodium battery is expected to be strengthened again.

At each stage, there is a sector leading the rise, such as the real estate sector, which can be “repeatedly” active at the end of September! Because many cities are relaxing their policies, they are expected to have the power of repeated hype.

Today, New Hualian is eliminated, so I love my family to lead the rise.

Zhongtian Service is its small follower.

You can refer to the previous leading stocks, Guangdong Hongyuan and Zhongzhou Holding.

Lianban will not have a smooth sailing, and there will be big fluctuations during this period; This is the commonality of real estate leading stocks! Qixia Construction, which was bought by institutions a few days ago, also hit the trading limit this afternoon, indicating that the real estate sector is still active again and again, which is a logic of looking at the market..