Night Rider: Black Wednesday, the big white horse will flash down again!

News 1.

According to Russian media, a strong underwater explosion occurred in the leakage area of the “Beixi” natural gas pipeline.

Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline Company, the operator of Russia’s “Beixi – 1” project, released a statement on the 27th that the three pipelines of the “Beixi – 1” and “Beixi – 2” submarine gas transmission pipelines were damaged at the same time within one day, which is unprecedented.

At present, it is impossible to assess the maintenance time.

Affected by this, UK natural gas futures rose by more than 33% on Tuesday, and European mainland natural gas benchmark futures also rose by more than 21%.

The problem of natural gas supply in Europe in winter will be more serious.

I read another report that it will take several months to repair.

In this case, Europe can’t negotiate in winter, and after that, it can’t resume gas supply……

The netizen gave P a Gosla.

Godzilla: Yes, it’s exactly what I did.


The topic returns to A-share.

Well, it rebounded one day yesterday and continued to fall today, which is almost the same as estimated.

Now is the rebound around 3000 points.

Today, it falls down.

When it is close to 3000 points, there will be funds to protect it.

Considering that the October holiday is coming, the market will be protected for one month, and the actual trading days are not many.

I have calculated that it will only take more than ten trading days.

I estimate that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index should be able to protect.

Banks, insurance companies, securities dealers, and PetroChina should come out to protect the market, and the index should be stable above 3000 points for a month, so there should be no problem.

However, individual stocks may not be good.

In addition, today’s tourism hotel callback is fierce.

Well, the market expectation was too high before, but the actual process of liberalization will still be tortuous.


The bid opening meeting for centralized procurement of spinal consumables in orthopaedic department organized by the state was held yesterday, and the proposed winner was generated through online bid opening.

This centralized procurement is the third batch of high-value medical consumables organized by the state after heart stents and artificial joints.

The average price reduction of this centralized purchase is 84%.

It is estimated that 26 billion yuan can be saved annually based on the agreed purchase volume.

Well, the price reduction is not small, but the market feels better than expected.

To be honest, I don’t really understand what the market expectation is.

Guojin Securities believes that the manufacturers are expected to maintain a reasonable profit margin after the implementation of the procurement of the national orthopedic spine products in volume, but the industry concentration will be further improved, and the cost space in the circulation link may be compressed, which is conducive to standardizing the purchase and use of consumables and improving the industry ecology.

It is suggested to focus on the core competitive enterprises with complete product pipelines, strong R&D strength and certain brand strength in the orthopaedic track.

Orient Securities said that from the early stage of joint and trauma centralized procurement, centralized procurement has brought about an increase in market penetration, and the concentration of domestic leading enterprises with strong comprehensive capabilities and complete product lines has continued to increase.

The long-term growth logic has not changed.

At the same time, centralized purchase will further highlight the cost control advantages of leading enterprises, and the pressure of price reduction of centralized purchase will also force enterprises to innovate and upgrade.

Only enterprises with real innovation ability are expected to emerge.

CSCI said that in the short term, the impact of centralized purchase on specific enterprises depends on the bid winning situation, decline and volume price relationship of each enterprise in different groups.

With reference to the situation of joint industry after centralized purchase, it may have a certain impact on the income and profit margin of the enterprise in the short term.

In the long run, the revenue performance of leading companies driven by demand will return to a steady growth trend, and the market share is expected to focus on domestic leading companies.

The rules of this centralized purchase are further optimized, which is expected to provide a reference for the design of subsequent centralized purchase rules.

The flash crash list of white horse stocks continued on the market.

A few days ago, one white horse offered sacrifices to heaven every day.

Today, it directly rose to three.

The lithium mining sector, Mount Everest in Tibet, fell by the limit, and the “lithium king” Tianqi Lithium, with a market value of more than 160 billion yuan, fell by 5%.

Recently, the price of lithium carbonate has risen, but the stock price has fallen.

On the other hand, the giants scrambled for “lithium” and entered the white hot.

In the cobalt mining sector, “Cobalt Mao” Huayou Cobalt Industry fell by the limit, and its share price hit a new low since May 17 this year.

At the end of the second quarter, the number of shareholders of this stock was 113700.

In the afternoon, Wangfujing suddenly collapsed and fell to the limit, which was just a breakthrough in technology yesterday, and the volume could be slightly enlarged.

Today, the capital went off the market at a large scale, which is also very wonderful, indicating that the meat grinder is accelerating.

Since September 13, there have been 12 “flash crashes” in the A-share market, most of which are new energy, medicine and semiconductor tracks.

According to the data, among the white horse stocks that have suffered heavy losses recently, they are all the leading stocks in various sub sectors.

Except for Sanan Optoelectronics and Star Semiconductors, the total market value of other listed companies has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

According to the mainstream market view of the decline of white horse shares, the main reason for the continuous decline of white horse shares this time is that the redemption pressure in the depressed market led the fund to sell the subject matter with good liquidity.

There are also some views that the reason for the decline of white horse stocks is due to securities lending.

The reason is that a number of “killed” white horse shares created a peak of securities lending sales on the day when the stock price fell sharply, and the amount of securities lending repayments on subsequent trading days also increased synchronously, with some funds showing short-term arbitrage characteristics.

In terms of popularity stocks, there has also been a nuclear button, namely Tongxing Environmental Protection.

The board height is only 4 boards of A.D.

Shares, which is just a one word board.

Now there is only one board of A.D.

Shares to maintain the ultra short mood..