[National Day parent-child cycling] Super beautiful biking road 30 km+luxury forest buffet+art forest painting… Come and join us!

   ▶▶▶ The golden cycling season of JOINUS is the golden cycling season again.

How can we play this year’s National Day? There is no best, only better! On the way of cycling, we never stop innovating.

The most beautiful riding road in Shanghai is along the Taipu River.

On one side is the slowly flowing water of Taihu Lake, and on the other side are towering trees.

In silence and movement, a bicycle path with few people and bicycles passed by.

The flat asphalt road, red riding belt and dozens of kilometers of stretch riding track are enough to meet the requirements of people at various distances.

This National Day family day, we will lead parents and children to ride 30 kilometers back and forth, and have a leisure riding experience that is not near or far away.

The beautiful scenery along the way is just like the gentle wind on the Taipu River in the oil painting brushing your face, and the fresh early autumn sunshine pours down from the top of the tree, and sprinkles on your face through the gaps between the leaves.

From time to time, the whistle of the ship comes from the river, as if it were a call from afar…

At 15km, the midpoint line, there is a large forest, trees, grass, paths, and a large lotus pond that does nothing, Walking there is also a great physical and mental pleasure.

There, we arranged a forest buffet.

We invited a professional catering team to transport the pots and pans, set up an extremely comfortable long table, and the chef in a high hat moved his home court to the wild.

The magic was general.

The original forest was full of birds singing and flowers smelling delicious meat, and more than a dozen dishes were served to comfort your physical consumption in the morning.

Here, take a look at the menu.

According to the actual situation, it is allowed to adjust at the same level.

You can take the picnic mat and hammock with you.

After a good meal, the earth is the bed and the sky is the quilt.

You can breathe enough oxygen molecules in the forest and have a nice nap.

The energetic children, naturally, will not be tired.

A forest art spray painting started here and scribbled.

But the happiest place is where children can scribble freely? Home is not allowed, school is not allowed, and public places are not allowed.

The suppressed creativity needs a space to spread.

Here, we have set up a stage, where small artists can enjoy your imagination and creativity.

Forest curtain painting, canvas bag painting and herb painting let colorful and children’s laughter decorate this beautiful forest.

After getting enough rest, we will ride back for 15 kilometers each way.

The one-way ride lasts about 1.5 hours, totaling 30 kilometers.

There are beautiful scenery, delicious food and a group of beautiful friends.

Under the guidance of a professional riding coach, the tail coach will hold the car with the team, and hang eye-catching signs on the way.

Even if you fall behind, you can find large troops to meet.

The speed will vary according to individual human abilities.

Don’t worry about these.

There are road signs throughout the whole journey to navigate to the assembly place.

Many escorts will walk through all sections of the team to accompany them and dispatch them before and after.

Everyone can ride their own speed and rhythm.

About bicycles: All bicycles are checked by the organizer to the departure place in advance by truck, so there is no extra car for guests on the spot.

Be sure to register in advance.

There are two families in the same industry who can’t ride bikes.

They can rent trailers, only two of which are available first.

The rental fee is 100 yuan.

Activity Description [Activity Time] 9:30~16:00 on October 2 [Assembly Place] Hezhu Village, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

The specific assembly point is located before travel and can be parked.

[Activity cost] 696 yuan for single person riding+buffet, the same price for different sizes (including bicycles and buffet) (including: various organization fees for the activity, riding guards, bicycles, helmets, insurance, drinking water.

Excluding: transportation fees to the assembly point and other personal consumption) 646 yuan for single person riding+buffet, the same price for different sizes (excluding bicycles and buffet), 268 yuan for each person, Same price for different sizes (including meals, drinks and desserts included in the menu, but the same standard can be changed according to different seasons.

Children under 4 years old will not be charged.

As well as the temporary construction of the forest restaurant and the transportation of food materials, etc., sit in designated areas, eat in a civilized manner, and eliminate waste!) [Participants] For parents and children who can ride two wheeled bicycles stably (guests who neither ride nor eat are not allowed to join the group), each child needs a guardian to ride together, and children are not allowed to sign up for riding alone.

There are two families in the same industry who can’t ride bikes.

They can rent trailers, only two of which are available first.

The rental fee is 100 yuan.

[Refund and change terms] Exit 7 days before the event and get a full refund.

Exit 4~6 days before the event, 50% refund.

No refund will be given if you quit 0~3 days before the event.

[Tips] 1.

Electronic ticket, use method: by name and mobile phone number to the venue; 2.

The copyright of the activity photo is owned by [Road School], and it is only used for later publicity, not for other purposes.

If there is anything wrong, please inform the organizer in advance.

If no notice is given, the registration shall be deemed as consent; 3.

If you have problems with payment, please call customer service at 400-680-9888; [Parent State Special Session] Come to eat hairy crabs for self-help on National Day! Five star Renaissance ¥ 328/2 large and one small (below 1.4m) seafood! And pizza DIY activity 400-680-9888 (8:00-18:30)..