[National Day Camp] One day cross-country cycling camp

Time: October 2, 2022, focusing on the education of the minors’ camp, Nurtureeverykidwithalourove Yangcheng Lake cycling activity has enabled countless children to experience outdoor independent cycling since it was held in 2019.

With the growing maturity of children’s age and skills, ordinary riding activities can no longer meet the needs of children.

To this end, we have made thorough preparations and developed mountain cross-country riding activities.

The activity features running through the mountain forest roads, overcoming the rugged terrain, and enjoying the zero distance interaction and stimulation with nature are the most attractive reasons for mountain biking and children’s fondness for it.

It is very difficult to find cross-country routes in Suzhou, but fortunately, we found that riding activities will help children grow up.

What’s more unique about mountain cross-country riding? Advantages 1: The changeable external environment is mountain cross-country, sometimes lawn, sometimes woods, sometimes wide wild roads, sometimes winding roads; Curves, steps, ramps and other routes quickly appear in front of your eyes, and you can experience a more changeable and exciting external environment.

The second advantage of DOWNHILL: It is infinitely close to the nature.

The grass is at your feet, the green leaves are near your face, and you can even touch the bird’s nest among trees.

What exists here is the original natural scenery, and even the mobile phone signal has disappeared here.

Advantage 3: Free riding space is available for people and cars.

Free mountain space exploration will take you to every corner of the mountain forest.

It is faster than mountain climbing, more interesting than ordinary riding, and can make children explore and challenge more exciting.

Advantage 4: Creative riding experience ordinary road riding.

The road conditions remain unchanged, but every inch of mountain riding is fresh.

How to brake on the ramp? How to deal with curves? How to jump down the steps? How to fly over the earth bag? Just one experience can make us excited! I believe children don’t just want to come again.

The children of MOUNTAINBIKE will definitely like this kind of cycling route.

Of course, necessary training tests are indispensable.

In order to complete mountain cross-country cycling, we will carry out the following training and tests: ability training No 1 Standing riding is a stable ride on a bumpy road.

It requires limbs and torso to absorb sudden shocks and vibrations.

The “smart shock absorber” is your best weapon.

And standing riding is the premise of exerting the “smart shock absorber”, because standing riding is the premise of adjusting the center of gravity.

Only by mastering the skills of standing riding can you meet the center of gravity adjustment under different road conditions.

No.2 center of gravity controls mountain biking.

There are many turns, ramps and dirt bags, especially the downhill section.

Excellent center of gravity control skills will enable you to easily cope with various road conditions.

We need to gradually master the left and right control of the center of gravity and the front and rear control.


3 brake When riding on paved roads, we generally emphasize that children should not use the front brake as much as possible, but use the rear brake more.

However, in mountain biking, there are three combinations of braking methods: front and rear brakes, front brakes, and rear brakes.

How to use these three combinations? We will teach children in detail during the activity.

No.4 Flat Jump Training The most exciting and technical aspect of cross-country riding is bicycle jumping, which is also our last training link.

Due to the short time of the day, we mainly train the jumping ability on the flat ground.

Children with strong ability can make simple attempts on the slope, and we will ensure that children can move on the premise of safety.

Let children fully experience the fun of cross-country riding, outdoor fun activities, outdoor picnics, cutting their own vegetables, making salads, starting a fire, and cooking a pot of delicious milk tea together.

Enjoy the delicious food made by yourself in the wild, which can bring ultimate satisfaction both psychologically and physically.

Picnic recipe: staple food: self heating rice, noodles, hamburgers, rolls (staple food is randomly arranged); non-staple food: vegetable salad, braised chicken wing soup category: professional safety equipment for cooking milk tea; safety helmet, riding mirror, brand mountain bike and walkie talkie are indispensable safety equipment in cross-country riding activities; learn the correct use of various riding protective equipment and master the safety rules for cross-country riding activities.

The safety helmet is used for mountain riding, with full helmet protection to provide more comprehensive and effective protection for children.

The riding mirror can reduce the wind resistance and effectively prevent accidents such as scratching of branches and leaves in the mountain forest and flying insects entering the eyes.

The brand mountain bike selects the mountain bike for professional cross-country riding, effectively ensuring the riding experience and safety.

Safety process: 1.

Registration requirements: Skilled in riding, able to stand on ordinary roads, skilled in using the brake, and control the center of gravity; 2.

On site test: You must pass the on-site test to participate in the whole process, otherwise we have the right to adjust the campers’ cycling route and difficulty; 3.

Difficulty grouping: according to the riding ability after the field test, it is divided into children’s group and youth group, and the two groups correspond to different difficulty riding routes; 4.

On site control: 1:4 ratio of teachers and students; Specially assigned person for key road sections; Focus on the weak campers.

Tips: Mountain cross-country riding consumes a lot of physical energy.

It is recommended that children with moderate to high sports intensity and ability participate in it.

Those with weak sports ability can apply for our Yangcheng Lake riding..