My 318 ride (1)

In fact, I don’t know when to start.

The idea of riding 318 took root and sprouted in my mind, and finally blossomed and fruited in the summer vacation of 21 years.

I didn’t write any travel notes on the road because I think some things are too close to see clearly.

I want to say a lot, but I always want to save it until the right time.

Finally, a few days before my 21-year-old, when my golden age is finally coming, I want to write something as a gift for my 21-year-old.

Prepare what I need for cycling, bicycles, air pumps, inner tubes, tire repair tools, gloves, shelves, camel bags, changing clothes, raincoats, compressed biscuits, and even swimming circles (I like swimming but can’t swim).

Of course, there is a book accompanying me on this journey: in the golden age, I chose Norwegian forests on the road, and finally chose Norwegian forests.

It can also be regarded as a tour of my youth.

A very interesting episode happened before departure.

I went to Dujiangyan to get the car (I bought it from Xianyu, 600 yuan).

Everything went well and the car was easy to ride.

When I came back, I even went to Qingcheng Mountain on the way.

I bought a small watermelon at the foot of the mountain.

After eating B, I climbed the mountain by bike.

The sun shone in front of me, but my eyes were willing to open.

Everything was so dazzling.

I could even imagine the sunshine in the Potala Palace.

But the scene of the drama appeared.

On the way back, there were about 30 kilometers, probably because I drank ice drinks or ate watermelon, It may be that climbing Qingcheng Mountain consumes too much physical strength, or it may be just that physical strength is not enough (I don’t admit it if I kill it).

I had a cramp.

I had a cramp when I was playing football or sleeping, but this time it was the most serious one.

My bike fell on the side of the road and lay directly in the middle of the road.

The passers-by looked at me in surprise and didn’t dare to come forward to help me.

At that time, I even wanted to laugh.

It was a really happy kind of laughter, because I didn’t expect this day to be really funny, I had cramps after tens of kilometers and went to Tibet.

Ha ha ha ha, there are still many good people in the world.

After two minutes, a big sister in her 30s helped me up and sat in a roadside chair.

When I had the first one, there were the second one.

They came to help me.

be moved!!! Then the big sister thought I was gone.

After a few minutes, she bought me a bottle of water, and then asked me where my home is, how to get back, and whether to call 120…

Thank you, big sister who I don’t know her name.

A good person has a safe life.

Finally, my brother drove to pick me up.

He laughed wildly all the way and persuaded me not to go.

I also want to laugh, but everything is ready.

It’s hard for me to summon up courage and do what I want to do! In fact, there is not a lot of resistance.

The epidemic situation is repeated.

When I go to Tibet, I have to do nucleic acid testing again and again.

My parents don’t support me very much because of my cramp.

They say that after a year, everything on the road is unknown and I haven’t backed out.

But if I don’t go now, who knows if I have the courage, time or even want to go in the future? So, cheer up, so, firm yourself.

I’ve been waiting for the arrival of things, books, raincoats…

But after finding the inner tube, repair tools and gloves sent to Beijing, I decided not to wait.

It’s a big deal to buy them on the road.

set out!!! Finally, on the morning of August 10, I finally set out.

Now, it’s not half a hundred miles.

The last few days were very pleasant.

It’s half the success when you start.

The reason why I like running very much is that once you start, you won’t give up halfway.

The beginning is the most important.

The most important thing is not a good bike, a good helmet and complete equipment, but the courage to start.

All the strategies, videos, yearnings, expectations, stories and everything you read online before you start can only be felt on the road.

Action determines thought, not thought determines action.

I didn’t ask anyone to go on the road together, because I know that we have to accommodate each other together.

And there will always be stories on the road.

Even if we meet for one day, it’s fate.

The first day of Chengdu to a bridge strategy is from Chengdu to Ya’an.

Starting at 7 am, I was very excited.

Of course, I had to play Eason Chan’s first song and let me go! Only you are innocent.

Who is to blame for the fairy fish’s death…

This is my happy era.

I sing the happiest song at no cost! Later, I realized that everything has a price, and even freedom has to pay a price.

The most surprising thing is that I passed my cram school.

All this may be the arrangement of the stone gate of fate.

If it wasn’t for the unexpected failure of the college entrance examination, maybe I arrived a year ago.

It was very cold that morning.

Every few days, there will be a morning like this.

In this morning, you don’t want to go out, but stay in bed for the weekend.

But he still started, 1km, 5km, 10km,…

When he rode, he found that this was the road he had walked.

He rode over.

It was June 8 the year before last.

He bought several bottles of beer.

After the college entrance examination, he didn’t go to the classmate party.

Instead, he secretly ran to the other side of the river, went to the game hall and played the Warring States inheritance 3.

He was still very strong, playing for one and a half hours for one coin.

He came home, opened a can and took a sip.

It was really like pee.

After drinking half a can, he finally gave up and finally graduated.

He wants to cry but can’t cry.

He wants to love but can’t find someone to love.


He decided to repeat it.

He decided.

What he decided rarely changed.

After his parents advised him to fill in the volunteer, he agreed.

After filling in the volunteer, he was admitted to one book in a province.

His parents began to persuade him that it was ok, but he didn’t listen, because the things he decided rarely changed..