Mountain climbing and cycling, the scenery along the Fangchenggang is very beautiful!

Fangchenggang in November is neither hot nor cold, and the weather is bright and clear.

The pleasant weather makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

In this season, it is suitable for climbing mountains Ride to see the scenery along the way.

Climb the centipede mountain.

Climb up the stone steps.

Steep long steps test people’s physical strength and endurance.

Standing on a gentle and open viewing platform, you can see the scenery.

The buildings of the city are distributed at different heights.

The whole city is surrounded by distant mountains.

The Fangcheng River runs through the city and joins the sea elsewhere.

Climbing the Xianren Mountain.

Climbing the Xianren Mountain is interesting only when you go in the evening.

At this time, the sky is changing from day to night A little bit of change When standing at the foot of the mountain, the sky is still clear blue.

After arriving at the top of the mountain, the sunset clouds dye the sky into many colors, The lights of the city, such as the extreme beauty, come on when the night starts to shine.

It is another kind of bright view.

Standing on the top of the Xianren Mountain, you can overlook the city’s day and night scenery.

If you want to ride, there are two urban routes.

The first is the Xiwan Tourist Attraction, from Xianren Mountain Park to Egret Park, through Xianren Mountain Park, Xiwan Tourist Wharf, Fubo Cultural Park Egret Park and other places ▲ Picture: Lin Hongmei has the sea breeze blowing slowly along the way, mangroves and lush fishing boats returning home.

Tourists are splashing in the water and treading on the waves along the way.

There are landscapes everywhere ▲ West Bay ▲ Egret Park.

The second way is from Fangchenggang Park Expo Park to West Bank Park, through the administrative center, four major venues, Haiwan Green Road Beibu Gulf Marine Culture Park and other places ▲ Beibu Gulf Marine Culture Park Map A good place to experience marine culture ▲ Park Expo Map: Li Li ▲ West Bank Park takes advantage of the autumn light and the gentle breeze to find a free time to do a sport outdoors.

It must be a good experience to enjoy the scenery along the way while exercising! Source: Fangchenggang cultural tourism..