Mother riding in the years

In my impression, my mother has only two cars, a bicycle and a motorcycle.

Before I was six years old, she rode a bike.

After six years old, she has been riding a motorcycle.

When I was six years old, my mother rode a bicycle to work.

She rode a bicycle when she went out to buy things or go to the market, and she didn’t feel tired at all, because this was the most cost-effective way to travel.

She always pedals hard and focused, bowing her waist and looking ahead, as if she can reach her destination soon.

There is always a young me in the back seat.

I can still remember the way she pedals her bike.

On a winter night 20 years ago, I was playing at my uncle’s house in the town.

My uncle lived in a residential building with heating and computer.

I missed here and felt very happy.

I didn’t even want to go home.

Mother and I agreed to pick me up after she left the factory at 10 p.m.

and go home together.

Seeing that it’s past ten o’clock, I think my mother may be “on duty” in the factory tonight and won’t come.

“Even shift” is to go to the night shift immediately after working the day shift, so that you can earn more money for one class.

Even shift is a common thing for mothers.

While waiting for my mother, I felt sleepy and fell asleep in my bedroom.

At more than 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, after everyone had a rest, the door bell of my uncle’s house rang carefully.

Someone opened the door.

After a burst of greetings, my mother came to the bedroom and whispered to me, “Ho, let’s go home!” When I woke up from the hazy, I was reluctant, because the heating in the room was always warm all night, while the bedroom in the small mountain village had no heating or air conditioning.

It was bitterly cold in winter, so I could only cover two layers of heavy quilts to resist the cold.

After I turned on the light and looked carefully, I found that the mother standing in front of me – her long wet hair, ice residue hanging from the tip of her hair, and a strong shampoo smell, with a slightly tired look.

I know that she always takes a bath in the factory bathhouse before she gets off work and washes away the dust and sweat on her body when she works.

Then my mother took me on her bike.

Facing the cold wind on winter night, I fought with my teeth and kept urging her: “Mom, hurry up, I’m cold.” “Wait a minute, darling.

I’ll be home soon.” My mother breathed and comforted me.

That is the only way to my home next to the thermal power plant.

Although it is a cement road, it is in disrepair for a long time.

There are potholes and sometimes ups and downs on the road.

Cyclists have to pick the road.

The moon overhead is round and bright.

It is quiet and dark around.

The cement cooling towers of thermal power plants on both sides of the road hold the moon in the sky and move slowly with us.

She leaned forward to block the cold wind for me and firmly grasp the handlebar.

Her mother seemed to have endless strength and pedaled hard step by step.

One foot down, the bicycle is temporarily injected with vitality.

After a certain distance, the power will weaken, and then the mother’s other foot will enhance the power again, so back and forth.

The journey home seemed to be very long.

Sitting in the back seat, I had already dozed off with my eyes closed, looking forward to getting home soon.

When my mother saw that I didn’t complain to her, she turned her head and asked me, “Hao, are you asleep?” I opened my eyes and saw that her forehead was covered with sweat and her face was red with cold.

I felt incredible.

Surprised, he shouted, “Mom, why are you sweating?” “Hey, hey, I’m still warm!” When my mother turned her head sideways while pedaling, the scarf on her neck fluttered in the wind with the action of pedaling.

In this way, it was the silence of the night all the way.

In the temperature of minus five degrees, my mother carried me.

After she was exhausted, we got home.

One day after I was six years old, I came home from school and saw a brand-new motorcycle parked in the yard.

I was surprised and curious.

I couldn’t wait to rush into the kitchen and loudly asked my busy mother, “Mom! Whose motorcycle!” The mother smiled and replied, “it’s new!” Since then, my mother has started the era of her motorcycle – a light non clutch motorcycle.

With a motorcycle, my mother’s travel is faster.

She doesn’t have to pedal like before, which saves a lot of effort.

She took me to school by motorcycle, then went to work in the factory, went to the market after work, bought a bag of potatoes and carried them back by motorcycle.

These things can be completed in one day.

In her words, “it’s just a matter of a throttle”.

Later, my mother added a black aluminum trunk to the back of the motorcycle to store things and not to be wet by rain when carrying things.

This trunk is her transport case, which is used to bring vegetables home after work.

For me, it is a “treasure chest” with surprises.

Tell her what I want in advance.

When I get home after work, she can always pull it out of the trunk like a trick.

At that time, there was a computer at home.

I played computer games without a mouse pad.

Every time I operated the mouse, it was very unstable.

In a hurry, I said to my mother, “Mom, buy me a mouse pad after work!” “What mat?” She was puzzled.

Obviously, she didn’t know what the “mouse pad” was.

I described it to her, and she seemed to understand it.

It was getting dark.

As soon as I heard the sound of the motorcycle at the gate from far to near, I knew she was back and rushed out happily.

When I ran to my mother, I smiled, and she knew what I wanted from her.

She got out of the car and quickly opened the trunk of the motorcycle, but she was embarrassed and said, “I didn’t buy a mouse pad, but I picked one up for you.

It was picked up from the plastic waste of our factory.

It’s very new.” I was even happier when I saw it: Although the surface was a little dirty, I could see the pattern of thunder snake.

It turned out to be a thunder snake mouse pad.

Unexpectedly, it was still a brand! Mother works in the plastic factory.

Every day, she operates the machine to break the plastic raw materials and then press them into rubber blocks..