Morning, vogue | Zhang Li’s riding notes, the same old style “life manual” of “Meng Hua Lu”

Monday morning, everyone.

Summer has come.

The high temperature burns the skin, making people dizzy and happy.

This kind of heat continues to rise, forming a billowing heat wave.

With the heat of summer, Vogue’s July issue was hit by a heat wave.

The inspiration collision between cover supermodel kendalljenner and photographer inez&vinoodh showed us how this brilliant and popular star perfectly integrated his personal charm with the infinite wind and light in the mountains and forests under the scorching heat.

See the wonderful contents on the inside pages of the July issue in advance.

While the early morning routine of actress Zhang Li was like a refreshing powder.

After intense and busy training, she rode a trolley to wander the streets and alleys of Changsha, leaving her summer memories.

Dior also brought the early spring 2023 series to start a journey of exploration and thinking; More red jewelry comparable to the scorching sun embellishes the passion of summer.

There is also the TV drama “Meng Hua Lu” with high popularity.

Therefore, we specially recommend several books to take you back to the fascinating leisure era and share the elegance and style of “slow” life this summer.

So, let’s go into the content of this issue.

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That’s all for this issue.

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