Misunderstanding of rest, drinking water, bathing and rolling after riding

Cycling actually includes pre diet, cycling posture and final rest.

This is a continuous cycle.

Many people exercise but don’t pay attention to diet and rest, and the wrong rest methods may lead to the failure of sports effect.

This time, let’s talk about which methods of cycling are misunderstandings.

[myth 1] rest when you are tired.

Many people habitually lie down or squat immediately after exercise.

This is caused by the rest signal sent out after physical fatigue, but what you don’t know is that after cycling, all functions of the body are in an active state.

A large number of capillaries in the lower limbs expand, and the blood flow can reach more than 25 times that at rest.

Through the continuous contraction of the lower limb muscles, the blood reflux is promoted.

If you lie down or squat immediately after cycling, it is not conducive to the amount of effort, but also more prone to dizziness and dizziness.

The correct way is to do some slight stretching or muscle massage after cycling, which will not only help alleviate exercise fatigue, but also make the heart recover smoothly.

[Myth 2] thirst means drinking water.

Thirst itself is a signal that the human body needs to replenish water.

However, cyclists often ignore the details of drinking water.

For those who ride for a long time, they should supplement a small amount of water many times before, during and after cycling, and the water temperature should be controlled at 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃.

Because a small number of times can make the digestive system adapt step by step.

At the same time, the digestive system during exercise is in an inhibited state.

Cold drinks with low water temperature are very easy to cause gastrointestinal spasm, diarrhea, vomiting and gastrointestinal diseases.

[myth 3] if you are sweating, you must take a bath and ride a bike to accelerate the blood flow of the whole body.

At the same time, it makes people feel comfortable sweating.

After cycling, the body temperature will rise and capillaries will expand, and the human body will take away heat through a lot of perspiration.

After cycling, taking a bath immediately will stop the sweat glands from sweating, and it will be harmful to the body if the heat cannot be dissipated.

It is suggested that after strenuous exercise, you should dry your sweat first, replenish water at the same time, and then take a bath when you no longer sweat.

[myth 4] after cycling, you should supplement energy.

Cycling itself consumes human energy.

Moreover, it is easy to have compensation psychology after cycling.

Therefore, many riders like to ride at night and like to roll strings.

However, when cycling, the motor central nerve is in an excited state, the excitability of the digestive system is significantly weakened, the gastrointestinal peristalsis is weakened, and the secretion of various digestive glands is greatly reduced.

Eating immediately without rest after cycling is easy to cause disorders and functional disorders of the human digestive system and easy to get sick.

Especially after night riding, it is easier to overeat.

Eating is tantamount to riding in vain.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a rest after cycling and then eat.

After cycling at night, milk and other digestible things are used as energy supplement.

All these misunderstandings are basically related to human instinct.

After exercise, people’s energy consumption and willpower become weak.

People will have these reactions of lying, squatting and drinking water at the first time.

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