Mid Autumn Festival holiday | [riding Beijing] the most beautiful riverside greenway ride (9.10)

Riding is the first complex machinery that children learn to conquer the world.

It is human nature to go to a distant place.

Bicycles are like horses and sailboats.

They help us expand our territory.

No child will refuse to ride.

Long distance riding can not only take children to a distant place, but also a journey to shape their perseverance and character.

Concentration, determination, goal, sense of achievement, and perception of life’s hard journey can be concentrated in a long-distance ride [riding Beijing] the most beautiful riverside greenway, The most beautiful riverside greenway of the 100 kilometer wind chasing plan for young people is located in the existing green belt on the Bank of Wenyu River.

Unlike the Changping section, which shuttles through the jungle, there are few tall trees in this section.

But the murmuring water and Yingying flowers and trees of Wenyu River are all in front of us, with big ups and downs, many curves, and more fun to ride.

▲ greenway riding benefits from the wide river embankment along the river, surrounded by trees and rich vegetation.

A riding greenway is hidden along the Wenyu River, waiting for us to challenge ▲ riverside greenway riding 01 road data mileage: the whole journey is about 30 kilometers.

Time: about 6 hours.

Road type: difficulty level of riding greenway: basic level (1.6).

02 professional cycling teaching before riding, the riding coach will start from warm-up, bicycle debugging, safety rules Detailed and meticulous teaching on riding gestures and other aspects is carried out to ensure that each student can adjust the bike that is most suitable for him according to his own situation.

At the same time, you can also master the most basic riding skills and safety precautions.

03 cycling skills teaching cycling training camp not only includes cycling, but also includes rich skills teaching and team cooperation training.

During this 100 kilometer ride on Wenyu River, one cycle skill teaching will be conducted every day, and team cooperation or team game challenges will be conducted during the rest time.

Enhance the team cooperation ability and communication ability of campers.

04 high configuration mountain bike Wenyuhe 100km cycling is equipped with professional high configuration brand mountain bikes, which meet the needs of campers of different heights in full size.

In the process of riding, the coach carries common tools with him.

He is not afraid of faults and can handle them easily.

▲ 20 cars, suitable for ▲ 24 cars above 135, suitable for ▲ 26 * 15 / 26 * 17 cars above 145, suitable for ▲ 26 * 17 cars above 155 / 175.

05 itinerary arrangement: 07:40-08:00 campers gather and sign in, unified bus goes to the starting point of cycling, departs from 08:00-09:00 to the starting point, on-board teaching arrives at 09:00-09:30, cycling teaching, warm-up preparation, Allocated vehicles: 09:30-11:30 ride 15km 11:30-12:30 lunch time 12:30-13:00 team game time 13:00-14:30 ride 10km 14:30-15:00 bicycle skill teaching 15:00-15:30 ride 5km, stretch and relax 15:30-16:30 return to the urban area, End the one-day cycling trip (review and summary, knowledge competition) (the above itinerary is for reference only, subject to the itinerary at the time of departure, and we reserve the right to make appropriate adjustments to the specific itinerary due to weather, traffic, force majeure and other reasons) 06 instructions for registration [course date] September 10 (Saturday · Mid Autumn Festival holiday) [course time] 08:00-16:30 [suitable age] children over 8 years old and parents [registration requirements] Those who are proficient in riding must meet the age requirements and have the physical quality required by the activity content.

People with heart disease, high blood pressure and epilepsy are not allowed to participate.

[registration method] click below to enter the applet registration [registration consultation] Tel: 15101119849 wechat: nfcamp001 [fee description] the fee includes: round-trip transportation, course fee, mountain bike use, teaching aids fee, insurance, drinking water and other expenses, excluding lunch, personal consumption and other consumption not included.

Please pay attention to the “Xindou · Growth Camp” applet and click the applet 👇。.